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The Teeth of the Dog Golf Association Tournament on the Dye Fore: a great success!

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Following a few rainy days (but nothing worse than we’ve come to expect of this time of year), it was a BIG relief to see the sun shining brightly last Saturday – great news for golfers and anyone heading to the beach! In this article, Dave Pfisterer (Dave, the golf guy), Casa de Campo’s new Head Golf Professional, tells us a little about the Teeth of the Dog association Tournament held on the Dye Fore.

Over to Dave:

On Saturday, July the 31st, 51 golfers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon on the Dye Fore golf course for a Teeth of the Dog Golf Association tournament.  The event was an individual Stableford competition, where players received points on each hole depending on how they scored in relation to par.  All players completed play within the allotted 5 hours and the final results were:

Men’s Division

1st – Ricardo Ramirez – 50 pts.

2nd – Antonio Morales – 44 pts.

3rd – Raul Pedroni – 41 pts.

4th tie – Rafael Morales and Augusto Avanzini

6th – Carlos Pellerano – 39 pts.

7th – Gabriel Alonso – 38 pts.

8th tie – Bijai Singh, Tomasso Cutri and Engelbert Mejia

Ladies Division

1st – Gladys Abreu – 40 pts.

2nd – Tatiana Sourtmatch – 39 pts.

3rd – Mauri Croze – 33 pts.

The next Teeth of the Dog Golf Association event will be held on Saturday, August the 21st on the Teeth of the Dog course.  The format will be a Better Ball of Partners, and all TGA members are invited to bring a non-Association member as their partner.  Please remember that registration for all TGA events closes at 3:00 PM on the day before the event and that all players must arrive and pay the entry fee no later than 20 minutes before the 1:10 PM start.

We look forward to seeing you at Teeth on the 21st.

[And for those of you who are curious about Dave (the golf guy), Casa de Campo’s NEW Head Golf professional, we will be publishing his bio along with a few photos very soon!]

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