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The teachers of the Abraham Lincoln School celebrate Christmas at Shish Kebab!

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Last Thursday the 17th of December the teachers of the Abraham Lincoln School in La Romana celebrated the end of a very long term and the start of Christmas with a special Christmas dinner at Shish Kebab restaurant!

It was a fantastic dinner which was attended by most of the Abraham Lincoln teachers, who were all thrilled to be celebrating the end of the school term with a traditional (in the British sense) Christmas Lunch!

Shish Kebab made a wonderful effort to cater perfectly to the needs of a rowdy group of predominantly British teachers – all expecting an British-style Christmas roast dinner! The cooks at Shish Kebab did an amazing job preparing a feast which more than lived up to everyone’s expectations – complete with roast potatoes, roast pork, roast turkey, plenty of vegetables and even home-made traditional stuffing!

Good times! Happy Christmas everyone!

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