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The Spring Shootout 2012, Casa de Campo’s most exciting golf event!

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casa de campo golfFrom the 18th to the 22nd of April 2012, the fiercely competitive and super exciting “Casa de Campo Spring Shootout” golf tournament, which puts players on the spot by forcing the finalists to compete 1 on 1 to be crowned the overall champion, was successfully celebrated on Casa de Campo’s 3 Pete Dye designed golf courses; the Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and Links.

casa de campo golfFor the competition, which was played over 3 days, the more than 130 Casa de Campo golfers were divided into 10 “flights” for the men and 6 “flights” for the ladies.

[A “flight” is a term for a division of golfers within a golf tournament. Each “flight,” or division, consists of golfers of roughly similar skills (determined by handicaps). – I had to google that!]

And so across the 3 days, all competitors played 1 round on each of the 3 golf courses (3 rounds / 54 holes in total) and following the final round rather than the scores being tallied to announce the winners – the scores were tallied to determine the finalists – who then went head to head for the final SHOOTOUT!

Shootout on hole #8 of the Teeth of the Dog
casa de campo golf

casa de campo golfThe SHOOTOUT, being the most important part of the contest was then played out on Casa de Campo’s most famous golf course; the Teeth of the Dog. The men’s gross division finalists played on the first three holes of the course and the men’s net division winners played on holes #4, 5 & 6, whilst the ladies net division winners played on  holes #5, 6 & 7 and the ladies gross division winners played hole #6, 7 & 8.

As each hole was played, more and more of the finalists were eliminated (with growing anticipation and excitement) until on the 3rd hole a winner from each group was declared – to become the 4 finalists, who, with everyone watching and cheering them on played the final SHOOTOUT on hole #9  and the overall men’s and ladies champions were proclaimed!

Congratulations to Gary Surdyke and Brigitte Groetzschel!

Shootout on hole #6 of the Teeth of the Dog
casa de campo golf

So here we present the long list of happy winners of the Spring Shootout Golf Tournament:

Spring Shootout Golf Tournament – The results! 

Ladies Division

Class A

            Gross Champion: Chantal Govaerts

Class B

Gross Champion: Angelique Schoop

Net Champion: Kum Hyun Ahn

Net Runner-up: Reina Choi

Class C

Gross Champion: Brigitte Groetzschel

Net Champion: Nancy Douglas

Net Runner-up: Corey Yoon

Class D

Gross Champion: Mary Ledesma

Net Champion: Maureen Harris

Net Runner-up: Ada de la Vega

Class E

Gross Champion: Regina Brennan

Net Champion: Robin Ritchey

Class F

Gross Champion: Jill Dennett

Net Champion: Linda Surdyke

Shootout Runner-up: Maureen Harris

Shootout Champion: Brigitte Groetzschel

Men’s Division 

Class A

            Gross Champion: Chris Harris

Net Champion: Eric Brown

Class B

            Gross Champion: John Lee

Net Champion: John Rosario

Net Runner-up: Taewon Kim

Class C

            Gross Champion: Ricardo Machado

Gross Runner-up: Alberto Carreño

Gross 3rd Place: Ray Perez

Net Champion: Carlos Ekmeiro

Net Runner-up: Michael Roberts

Net 3rd Place: Peter Groetzschel

Net 4th Place: Randy Rifelli

Class D

            Gross Champion: Nick Yoon

Gross Runner-up: Martin Diaz-Yabor

Net Champion: Peter Bergstrom

            Net Runner-up: Oscar Hernandez

Class E

            Gross Champion: Julian Peña

Gross Runner-up: Gary Robinson

Net Champion: Jose Chamorro

Net Runner-up: Luis Zuniga

Net 3rd Place: Brian Flanagan

Class F

            Gross Champion: Gary Surdyke

Gross Runner-up: Frank Lares

Net Champion: Ray Adiletta

Net Runner-up: Harry D’Alessandro

Net 3rd Place: Sam Choi

Class G

            Gross Champion: Gerardo Tapia

Gross Runner-up: Jim Rosenbaum

Gross 3rd Place: Rick Keeper

Net Champion: George Connell

Net Runner-up: Francisco Carmona

Net 3rd Place: Manny Feijoo

Net 4th Place: Juan Lainez

Class H

            Gross Champion: Fred Myers

Net Champion: George Murphy

Class I

            Gross Champion: James Gradt

Gross Runner-up: Jose Milian

Net Champion: Benny Carmona

Net Runner-up: Manuel Feijoo, Sr.

Net 3rd Place: Rick Kreitz

Class J

            Gross Champion: Juan Llauro

Net Champion: Steve Reynolds

Shootout Runner-up:  George Murphy

Shootout Champion: Gary Surdyke

Following the event, the jolly Casa de Campo golfers enjoyed a prize-giving ceremony – PHOTOS from the prize-giving coming soon!
[Thank you for your patience!]

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