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Fashion Tips for Casa Gents: The right pant break for your height

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Fashion Tips For Casa GentsIt’s a beautiful week in Casa de Campo, our tropical paradise. And here I am again to bring you more Fashion Tips for Casa Gents, so, get your pencil and paper out in order to get the best out of this tip brought to us by our friend, Claudio Marte.

If we do a re-count of the articles we’ve published so far, you would notice that we have focused mostly on ties and shirts, in other words, the upper half of the male body… so maybe it’s about time we paid attention to those legs!

This time we’re going to talk about how long the break* of your pants should be. You may think it’s something obvious, but the truth is that the length of the break of the pants plays a very important role on how people perceive your height. Let’s hear it from Claudio.

[*Break: this is generally used to talk about the pant length, but literally refers to the number of creases at the bottom of the pants, because of the length of fabric resting on one’s shoes.]

Claudio says: “It’s just logical that the length of our pants should be in a midpoint between too long and too short. But it’s not as simple as that! Below you can see 4 examples of pant length and how they are best suited to a shorter or taller stature.”.

The following are the basic pants breaks:

Full Break

This is a long break which covers a good part of the shoes and sometimes looks bulky. Short men won’t look good with this style -it will only make you look shorter!

*Note: even though this can be worn by tall men, I don’t recommend this style at all – it’s just not elegant.


Full Length & Quarter Break

This break resembles full break, but it’s a little shorter. It’s best for tall men because this pant break will not affect the way your height is perceived.


No Break

This is what I recommend for short men. It helps to create a continuous line from the upper to the lower part of the pants, which makes your legs look longer… so you will look taller!

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