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The polo season in the Dominican Republic is coming to an end. With two cups down this has definitely proved to be an awesome and exciting season! The last cup in the 2022 Casa de Campo Polo Challange is the Casa de Campo Open which begins on March 26th and runs through April 16th.

Starting with the Silver Cup back in January, La Carmela took home the winning title and continued their remarkable performance in the next cup, also raising the winners’ trophy in the Gold Cup finals earlier this month. 

The last cup of the season will see five teams compete for the Casa de Campo Open Cup featuring the best polo players:

Casa de Campo La Suiza – Leo Matos 1, Pablo Avalos 3, Ramiro Garros 4, Alex Schad 2

McDonalds 3J Team – Ramón A. Brenes 0, Lucio Gallegos 2, Santos Rueda 4, Julio López 2

La Carmela – Roberto García (h) 1, Rafael García 2, Dennys Santana 3, Santiago Loza 4

La Romanza – 40 Goles – O.F. 1, Gilberto Costanza 2, Bijai Singh 1, Santiago Otamendi 5 

La Patrona – Paxilla Trabattoni 0, José Calazan 2, Mario Villegas 2, Julio Coria 4

The Casa de Campo Polo Challenge is being organized by Dr. Fernando Arata, Casa de Campo’s Polo Director who has predicted that this year’s Casa de Campo Polo Challenge will be a success and that it will become a must-see event for all Dominicans, foreigners, and the general public. 

We hope to see you there enjoying another one of Casa’s fun activities!