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The Patronato Benéfico Oriental opens the new ‘Diagnóstico Social’

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diagnostico_social_hogar_del_niño_central_romanaLast Friday the 27th of August the Patronato Benéfico Oriental along with special guests from Casa de Campo and La Romana celebrated the inauguration of it’s new Diagnóstica Social, a health centre which specialises in medical imagining and diagnostics. 

The new centre, which will be offering it’s services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has an MRI, as well as excellent tomography, sonography, mammography and X-ray facilities, making it one of the largest and most advanced medical care facility of it’s kind in the East of the Dominican Republic and the entire country.

El equipo de Resonancia Magnética (MRI) es de última generación_2010

The inauguration took place outside the facility where, Xiomara de Menéndez, the founder of the Patronato Benéfico Oriental, addressed the guests. In her speech, Xiomara thanked everyone for their support and generous donations to the foundation over the years, which has made the opening of the new facility possible. Special thanks were given to the Central Romana Corporation for their continued support.

Xiomara’s words were followed by doctor Pedro Pablo Purcell, a specialist in diagnostic imagining, who described the diagnostic capabilities of the new facility, something which will no doubt save the lives of many people.

El equipo de resonancia magnética permite una evaluación completa del cuerpo humano

The centre was constructed by the Central Romana Corporation, an investment of more than $36 million pesos and was equipped using funds from the Patronato Benefico Oriental – at a cost of more than $2 million dollars.

The Patronato Benéfico Oriental is the charity organisation which supports the Hogar del Niño a children’s day-care centre in La Romana as well as the Diagnóstica Social. To read more about the Hogar del Niño, click here.

The new centre can be found to the side of the Central Romana Hospital.

Las nuevas instalaciones de Diagnóstica Social en La Romana 2010

The above article was based on the press release, which can be found below (in Spanish.)

The following are the official press photos of the event, sent to us from the Patronato Benéfico Oriental:

The following are my photos of the event and the facility:

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