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The Palos Quitados Golf Tournament will take place next month in LRCC

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The Board of Palos Quitao Association recently announced during a meeting with its members, at the restaurant La Cassina, the celebration of their next tournament. The PQ (Palos Quitados) Tournament will take place on Saturday, November 4th, in Casa de Campo with the objective of raising funds for various foundations in need in our country. This tournament will be played, as always, in the exclusive golf course of La Romana Country Club and is considered a house tournament. In the last edition, a total of RD$ 1 million pesos was collected, which was donated to four foundations: Pedriática por un Mañana, Cáncer Infantil, Matrimonio Feliz, and Heartcare. For this new 2017 edition, a new goal was set and is expected to raise more than RD$ 2 million pesos and will be used to help various causes of great importance for our country, fulfilling the main mission of this event.

The PQ Tournament, which began in 1991, is one of the most prestigious brands of golf tournaments in the Dominican Republic. It was founded with the objective of helping people in need, by a group of entrepreneurs who as tradition played golf together, and had the desire to support many causes that require urgent help in the Dominican Republic. In 2016, a new directive was selected, some of which are the sons of the founders and other longtime friends. Amongst the members are: Miguel Roig, Antonio Cáceres Ricart, Francisco Caro, Carlos José Martí, Omar Elías, Domingo Bermúdez, Andrés Marranzini, Ferdinando Lamarche, Juan Francisco Mayol, Rodolfo Dietsch, Julio Zeller, Sócrates Cuello, and Luis Arturo Carbuccia.

Those interested in registering, sponsoring and/or learning more about this tournament can call 809.732.8912 or email: [email protected].

*Article contributed by Palos Quitao Association

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