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dsc010013 This Tuesday the 1st of September the Fundacion Casa de la Cultura in La Romana hosted a spectacular musical concert with the “Orquesta Musou” known as “La Belleza de Taiwan” (the beauty of Taiwan.) The group consisted of 10 typically dainty and exotically beautiful women wearing traditional (and very sexy) Chinese mini-dresses, cinched in at the waist with thick belts, showing off the girls doll-like figures and perfect legs. The girls were playing a range of Chinese instruments, creating a sound that was both uplifting and dramatic, which when combined with their charisma, beauty and sexy dance moves made for a very bewitching performance! By the end of the show, the audience was cheering, clapping and singing along to the music, and after two encores the show came to a close with a much-deserved standing ovation! Mid-performance, to give the girls a break, the Chinese Ambassador took to the stage and sang ‘Por Amor,’ a very challenging song to say the least! But I must congratulate the man on doing a fine job – he sang with such passion and enthusiasm, that despite missing some of the high notes (understandably) he had the audience clapping and singing along with him! The entire show was very well put together, the sound was faultless, the lights, which lit the girls in an array of colors from blue to pink added a great lift to their performance and the stage and the Casa de la Cultura had been set out perfectly. The room was totally packed out with in-excess of a hundred people, and many more standing around the sides and at the back, all eager to hear (and see) the show. To find out more about the Orquesta Musou you can read our previous article here, LINK or visit their official utube page here LINK. OR even better – watch OUR live footage of the girls in action in La Romana! To read more about the girls’ instruments, simply click on the photos below.

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