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2015-12-21Once the pinnacle of Casa de Campo’s nightlife, Genesis nightclub in Altos de Chavón was reborn last week and will be open EVERY NIGHT throughout the holiday season. The fun started on Thursday December 17, when Genesis’ new owner Marc Tiernay hosted a soft opening party for a selected few Casa de Campo VIPs… And it was awesome! As I wobbled (remember I’m 5 months pregnant) through the grand entrance I couldn’t help but be impressed. The doors are swung open by two professional yet friendly bouncers, and beyond that you enter through a tunnel that reminded me of Disney’s Space Mountain, but of course much cooler. And then you’re in. And because dance floors are so last season, the main area is filled with red lounges, perfect for sharing a bottle of champers or vodka with friends. Beyond that there is three bars, the DJ Booth centrally perched above the party and a bathroom with a communal hand-washing area for men and women. The decor is chic, simple and sophisticated. In short this is just what Casa de Campo needed, somewhere fresh, fun and classy to party. Very nice indeed! If you haven’t already, there’s no doubt you’ll be partying there soon – so check out the schedule of DJs already announced below and remember that beyond that Genesis will be open EVERY DAY throughout the season (that is through to January 4, from 11pm until the last person leaves). In general there is no cover charge, but for some special nights, featuring overseas DJs for example, Casa de Campo party-goers can expect to pay a little extra – cover charges for the events listed below have not yet been announced. So let’s take a look at the party shall we? The following collection of images were taken on Thursday December 17 at the soft opening, as well as on Friday December 18 at the Grand Opening party!
Thursday, December 24th
  • Christmas Eve at Genesis – Music by Marc Tiernay
Friday, December 25th
  • Christmas Party – Music by Julian Ingrosso from Miami Beach
Saturday, December 26th
  • Music by Julian Ingrosso & DJ Willy from Miami Beach
Sunday, December 27th
  • Official After Party of Pavel Nuñez concert – Music by DJ Willy from Miami Beach & Conrad Wittkop
Monday, December 28th
  • Music by DJ Willy from Miami Beach & Omar Andino
Tuesday, December 29th
  • Music by DJ Konflikt from Las Vegas & DJ Willy from Miami Beach
Wednesday, December 30th
  • Juan Luis Guerra & la 4.40 concert After Party – Music by DJ Konflikt from Las Vegas & DJ Willy from Miami Beach
Thursday, December 31st
  • Genesis New Year’s Eve Party!
Open Bar Premium Cost: US$100 p/p Music:
  • DJ Willy from Miami Beach
  • Local beats by Omar Andino & Marc Tiernay
  • Live Percussion by Luinis Quezada
  • Live Saxo by Jean Massena
Limited Availability / Only 400 tickets! Pre-Sale tickets available at Café Marietta, Altos de Chavón. Friday, January 1st
  • Genesis 1st Party of 2016 – Music by DJ Willy from Miami Beach & Marc Tiernay
Saturday, January 2nd
  • Music by DJ Willy from Miami Beach & Mario Cabral
Sunday, January 3rd
  • Music by DJ Willy from Miami Beach & Marc Tiernay
Don’t miss a single night of beats and dancing this Holiday Season!