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The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders photo shoot aboard ERH Marine’s Pershing Yacht

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miami dolphin cheerleaders, pershing photoshootLast Friday the 21st of May, Casa de Campo Living was invited aboard ERH Marine’s 46 foot Pershing yacht to witness one of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders swimsuit calendar photo shoots – and my were we in for a treat!

WARNING: These photos are INCREDIBLE, this post contains by far the sexiest most beautiful photos ever published in Casa de Campo Living!

The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders were here in Casa de Campo from Sunday the 16th of May to Sunday the 23rd shooting their 2010-2011 swimsuit calendar in locations all over Casa de Campo.

On Friday the girls were in need of a boat to take them to Palmilla and so Eduardo Hernandez, Business Development Manager of ERH Marine was more than happy to offer his services and ERH Marine’s gorgeous 46-ft Pershing Yacht. And so we spent the afternoon in awe at the beauty and talent of the 4 cheerleaders and to be honest of the Pershing – the most beautiful (and the speediest) boat I have ever had the pleasure to ride in!

The first cheerleader to ‘model’ the Pershing was Fabiola, who posed on the Pershing’s edge as well as on the front which is cushioned and so perfect for relaxing and sunbathing, or in this case posing for a glamorous photo shoot.

The beautiful Fabiola
fabiola, miami dolphin cheerleaders, pershing photoshoot

I’m sure you’ll appreciate a few more shots of this gorgeous girl….

Jenifer (who is only 18 and still in high school) did her photo shoot on the end of the Pershing’s foot bridge – which electronically highs and lowers for easy (and graceful) boarding

Blue sea, blue sky, white pristine beach, green Palm trees and Jenifer – 100% stunning
jenifer, miami dolphin cheerleaders, pershing photoshoot

A few more photos I managed to sneak during the photo shoot:

Candy, one of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders ‘rookies’ did her photo shoot in the water, which meant she had to travel via ‘lancha’ (- the dodgy looking wooden boat in the back ground), to where the water was much more shallow.

Candy – as sweet as her name!
candi, miami dolphin cheerleaders, pershing photoshoot

Unfortunately, there was not room on the mini-boat for me to go, so these are the only other photos I have of Candy, which are less sexy and more comical….

Adriana’s photo shoot took place as the sun was setting, right at the tip of the boat, where she was able to do a little posing ‘Titananic – style.’

adriana, miami dolphin cheerleaders, pershing photoshoot

What a beautiful sunset!

Following Adriana’s photo shoot, the rest of the girl’s joined her at the tip of the boat to do some group photos (see top photo) – I will publish these photos and a number of other ‘behind the scenes’ shots in a later post!

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About the Pershing….

pershing 64-1Pershing Yachts builds high-perfomance, luxurious yachts for the most discerning clientele. Widely renowned for its superior technology, Pershing mastered the capacity to build fast vessels, with some reaching 50+ knots, while conserving plush and trendy interiors and achieving superior comfort. Pershing’s are built in Italy, and are part of the prestigeous Ferretti Group brand portfolio.

The photo shoot took place aboard a Pershing 46, big “little” yacht that truly proves that “The Feeling of Luxury Has No Size”. The 46’s creative layout allows 3 cabins, all with ensuite bathrooms and tremendous livability. The fore and aft-deck constitute the main focus of onboard relaxation and socializing, organized in a truly inventive and functional manner. Twin MAN 800HP rail engines combine with shaft and drive propellers to offer peaks speeds of 37 knots.


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