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The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt) and the Fundación MIR signed an agreement through which 30 scholarships will be awarded over a period of three years to an equal number of young people with limited economic resources who study at that service institution.

The agreement was signed by the head of the Mescyt, Franklin García Fermín, and the president of the Mir Foundation, Lían Fanjul Azqueta, prior to the XVII graduation ceremony of 119 Bachelor-Technicians in different disciplines.


After signing the agreement, García Fermín valued the contributions made by the Mir Foundation to socioeconomic and cultural development in favor of education in the province of La Romana and other communities in the eastern region.

“We are convinced that, with the execution of this agreement, the parties contribute to the strengthening of the sustainable development process of the Dominican Republic,” he stated. “This agreement has the purpose of developing and regulating the cooperative relations between the signatory institutions, which decide to work together in the development of projects that strengthen academic training in the areas that are taught in the educational centers that belong to the Fundación MIR, Politécnico MIR Esperanza and Politécnico Fundación MIR”, explained García Fermín.


On her side, the president of the Fundación MIR, Lian Fanjul Azqueta, thanked Minister García Fermín for supporting all the academic plans of the entity that opens its doors to students from La Romana and other neighboring communities.

Fanjul Azqueta exhorted the young graduates to continue “move forward and not get tired until you have a good career and are worthy women and men. The world is yours, God gives you a chance, and what each of you is going to do with your life depends on you. Always have God in your heart, have the MIR heart in your heart, come see us, come with your joys and your problems, this will always be your home”, she reflected.


During the development of the graduation ceremony, Minister García| Fermín awarded ten scholarships to graduates who completed their studies in Accounting, Nursing, Hospitality, Gastronomy, Design, Beauty and Hairdressing, and Computer Science Technology.

The Israeli ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Dani Biran, spoke at the event; the vice president of the Mir Foundation, Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul, and the general director of the Mir Foundation, Monike Acevedo.

The activity was attended by Gonzalo Gil, GEO of Scotiabank for the Dominican Republic; Abraham Dauhajre, GEO of the Foundation for the Development of Sciences and Technologies (Fundecitec); Osiris Villacampa, director of Villacampa School Technology, and Juan Adames Bautista, mayor of the municipality of La Romana, among other personalities.