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Last Wednesday the 17th of June, the Altos de Chavon Cultural centre generously invited us to attend the inauguration of their latest art exhibit, which opened in the main gallery in Altos de Chavon. The exhibition was officially opened with a short speech of thanks by the painter herself, Silvana Chiozza and was celebrated with a few glasses of wine! The exhibit entitled ‘Paisajes Italianos’ which translates as Italian Landscapes, was a beautiful collection of watercolor paintings of rural Italy. As we strolled around the exhibit you could feel a sense of tranquility, the paintings were a true and pleasing reflection of countryside scenes. There were a range of different pieces, from country houses, manors and churches to lakes, forests and hillsides, as well as some country villages. The exhibit will be open only until Wednesday, June 24th, so if you missed the opening you still have a few days to head up to Altos de Chavon’s Art Gallery and enjoy the exhibit.  For more information on Silvana Chiozza you may visit her website at