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The Hogar del Niño celebrates the graduation of 41 students! Congratulations to the Class of 2011!

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The ‘Patronato Benéfico Oriental’, the umbrella charity for the Hogar del Niño daycare center and education facility in La Romana, recently celebrated their 3rd graduation of 41 pupils.  

In the audience were family and friends of the pupils as well as many Casa de Campo villa owners
hogar del nino la romana

In the graduating class of 41 students, 31 achieved grades of 80% or higher – a success which broke the Hogar del Niño’s previous record of achievement! The highest achieving students of the graduating class, were Vannesa Valentina Valdez Pereyra (93%), Rosa María Hernández Rosario (92%), Jennifer Jhonson Cancu (91%), Evelin Yaritsa Tejada Rodríguez (91%) and Elianna Pouriet Ramón 91%, who received “Merits of Excellence” to recognize their acheivements AND as a result have received scholarships to continue their students at University.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Elizabeth Valdez and Jennifer Jhonson Cancu
hogar del niño la romana

The ceremony attended by the family and friends of the graduating pupils, as well as many Hogar del Niño supporters from the Casa de Campo community was filled with many emotional moments, from the presentation of diplomas to the video presented by the students about their experiences during the last year of study, as well as the speeches of thanks and the presentation of sponsorship. The ceremony ended with words of thanks and goodbye from Xiomara Leonardo on behalf of the Patronato Benéfico Oriental.

During the last 3 years, the Hogar del Niño in La Romana has had the pleasure of graduating a total of 91 students, the majority of whom have been in the care of the Hogar del Niño since they were babies in the ‘Sala Cuña’ (crib room).  The graduation of these 91 pupils is a source of great pride for the Hogar del Niño and the Patronato Benéfico Oriental and most importantly of all the Hogar del Niño has been able to offer 23 of these graduating pupils the opportunity to continue their studies at university – thanks to their “Sponsorship Program”, which is supported by many Casa de Campo villa owners.

hogar del nino la romana

The Patronato Benéfico Oriental firmly believes that all children deserve the opportunity to learn and grow, so that they can overcome the difficulties of their social environment, creating the conditions that enable them to become members and professionals in a globalized world.

CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class of 2011!! And many thanks to the members of the Casa de Campo community who continue to support the Hogar del Niño.

This article and photos was contributed by Inexis Zapato of the Hogar del Niño and was translated by Rebecca Hughes. Thank you Inexis for keeping us informed!

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