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The Gallery Chavón will present, from Friday, December 13 until January 15, the collective exhibition “Figures and Faces | Past and present”. This exhibition consists of a total of 60 contemporary and timeless pieces by various different artists, some of which are Chavón graduates. 

This exhibition is a medley of figure studies and portraits. Many are new, others are a couple of years old, and a wonderful demonstration of how each work seems to improve with age. It is largely the work of students and graduates of Chavón | The School of Design traditionally which focuses on the human form, and its mastery is key to what we consider visual literacy. The ability to represent what you see, using the alphabet of the lines and the volume of the human figure and the face is the great strength and contrast of the artists trained in Chavón.

Many of these works are drawings. The School has long considered the skill of drawing as fundamental. These intense sketches, showing emotional portraits and careful studies of the figure never go out of style. The show is immediately contemporary and timeless, universal and intensely individual. These works, however idiosyncratic, find an echo because they are about all of us.

Attending an exhibition like this is seeing humanity in the eye, meeting old friends and making new ones. This show is for the trained art appreciator, the decorator, the amateur and anyone who wants to be part of the joy of meeting new people, dressed or naked — although most are two-dimensional (there are sculptures too). “Figures and Faces: Past and Present” offers you the exceptional opportunity to become or continue to be a collector of the most personal form of expression, the most intimate and authentic drawing. It offers you the opportunity to discover an artistic work that speaks to you, so that you can take it home.