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The Fundacion MIR Family Weekend for Life: Dancing for Life!

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This year’s Fundacion MIR Family Weekend For Life event was spectacular, with hundreds of Casa de Campo’s most beautifully dressed, connected and generous community members coming together to celebrate and give to the Fundacion MIR, an organisation which works hard to supply the Dominican Republic’s most marginalized people with a variety of life-altering services. 

The event bagan early on Saturday the 14th of August with the tennis and golf tournaments, played at Casa de Campo’s La Terraza tennis club and the La Romana Country Club. For most however, the main event was the ‘Dancing For Life’ dinner, dance and award giving ceremony which took place at Casa de Campo’s beautiful Minitas Beach.

Guests began to arrive in their ‘tropic chic’ evening wear, from 8PM and were met with a Ron Atlantico cocktail reception in the bar area of the Beach Club by Le Cirque restaurant. With a live music quartet playing, delicious Ron Atlantico Mojitos and Ron Punches it was the perfect way to start a fantastic evening and a great opportunity for guests to mingle and for ladies to admire one another’s dresses!

MIR FACT: Just $500 supplies a classroom for an entire year with notebooks, pens and pencils

Guests enjoy a Cubre Libre at the Ron Atlantico bar

Always a big supporter of the Fundacion MIR, Tiffany & Co. generously hosted their impressive “Wall of Blue Boxes” in which supporters can purchase a Mystery Blue Box from the wall. Each box potentially holds a prize of equal, lesser or substantially greater than the $300 purchase price, which also happens to be tax deductible.

The Mysterious Blue Boxes by Tiffany & Co.

Whilst the Beach Club by Le Cirque was used as the staging area and later for the After Party (photos coming soon), the main event took place on the actual beach, creating an unforgettably beautiful ambience. During dinner Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, who founded the Fundacion MIR in 1990, gave a heart warming speech thanking everyone for their continued support for the Fundacion MIR, following which Lyanne Azqueta, who currently runs the Fundacion MIR gave a very interesting speech about the Fundacion MIR, it’s schools, projects and successes.  During this time some pupils from the Fundacion MIR’s graduating class took to the stage and spoke eloquently and with great pride about their experiences at the Fundacion MIR schools.

MIR FACT: The Fundacion MIR currently has about 1,000 children at their schools.

Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, Pamela Sued, mistress of ceremonies and Lyanne Azqueta

Following dinner, the music and dancing began and the Faux-Casino by the Casino Diamante Dominicus Bayahibe was opened. The music was fantastic and the dance floor very quickly filled up with guests enjoying the merengue with their partner or friends! Others (men mostly) made a bee-line for the Faux-Casino, where chips were bought (with proceeds for the Fundacion MIR of course) and prizes were won at the Poker, Black Jack and Chemin de Fer tables. (Note: prizes, not money were awarded, there was no real gambling at the Faux-Casino.)

Guests enjoy Black Jack at the Faux-Casino by the Casino Diamante Dominicus Bayahibe

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated in this fabulous event and made it such a wonderful success!

MIR FACT: $1,000 can provide 1 child with tuition, books, transport and uniform for an entire year.

Photos of the After Party with DJ Gringo are coming soon, as well as the official photos from the Fundacion MIR and Ron Atlantico!

The Fundacion MIR (Mission International Rescue) is a non-profit organization that works to supply the Dominican Republic’s most marginalized people with a variety of life-altering services. Since 1990, we have served the women, youth and children of La Romana and the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic by partnering with and providing funding for social programs. With the help of benefactors and individual contributions, the programs provide a home, medical assistance, education and technical preparation for the people that are most in need in our community.

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Celebrities tour the Fundacion MIR schools!

The Fundacion MIR’s Magical Splendor for Life Gala: breathtakingly glamourous!

The Fundacion MIR ‘After-party’ with DJ Gringo hosted by Praia

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