flamenco marina casa de campo

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On Friday the 9th of December, after the Christmas Café de la Leche celebrate in the Casa de campo villa of Xiomara Menendez, the 2nd Flamenco and Paella Festival was celebrated in the La Casita restaurant in the Marina Casa de Campo.

La Casita is a beautiful restaurant located on the Marina Casa de Campo’s pier, the ‘Paseo del Mar’, just a short walk from the Plaza Portofino with a stunning view over the Marina and all the gorgeous yachts – making it normally the ideal spot to enjoy a tranquil dinner or a romantic meal. However during the 2nd Paella and Flamenco festival, the La Casita came to life with hypnotic Flamenco music and dancing!

Many Casa de Campo villa owners, visitors and guests dined on the 4 types of paella on offer, whilst admiring the incredible skill of the Flamenco dancers. We were particularly impressed by long-time Casa de Campo resident and artist, Fatima Renedo who has been dancing Flamenco since she was a little girl – and it really shows, she danced the night away alongside the professional dancers, as much a professional herself as they were. Congratulations Fatima you were GREAT! In fact Fatima is currently teaching Flamenco – click here to find out more! 

Dancing Flamenco in La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo

What a wonderful event and rumor has it that the Paella and Flamenco Festival will soon be repeated – and may even become a monthly event!

Fatima dancing Flamenco at the Marina Casa de Campo