Ok, so this is a little short notice but in case you’re interested the annual Copa Presidente Regatta is taking place out of the Marina Casa de Campo this weekend.

The regatta races begin tomorrow, but the actual event starts tonight – at 6pm in the Casa de Campo Yacht Club where all participants will gather for a welcome cocktail and a brief on the race rules and procedures etc.

Taking part in this year’s event is a record number of teams – more than 27 in total! Which by my calculations, means that at least 100 people will be competing in the regatta (I am a maths teacher, but still this is only a rough estimate.)

The regatta proper will take place on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th. On Saturday 2 regattas (or races to you non-sailors) around buoys will take place whilst on Sunday just one (much longer) regatta around Catalina Island will take place. The entire event will culminate in a prize-giving ceremony in the Plaza Portofino at 5pm on Sunday evening.

Teams will be competing in 4 categories:

1. Racing class – the winner’s of this category will be awarded the Copa Presidente

2. Spinnaker Cruising class

3. Non-spinnaker class

4. Catamaran class

It is expected that these 100+ sailors will be attended Casa de Campo Living and the Marina Casa de Campo’s CARNAVAL IN CASA, which is also taking place over the weekend on Saturday evening from 7pm – 11pm.

It’s the PERFECT weekend to be in the Marina Casa de Campo – we look forward to seeing you there!