This past Friday the 18th of December, Santa and his helpers made an early stop in Altos de Chavon and turned Altos de Chavon into a Winter Wonderland! With Santa, Christmas lights, carols, a little festive drinking and plenty of festive cheer all that was missing was snow!  The evening began with the magical arrival of Santa Claus and his ‘helpers’ – who had obviously minimized their costumes to suit the Caribbean weather, which was a rather nice surprise for all the Dads! The atmosphere was fantastic – everyone was really in the Christmas spirit and happy to be out enjoying the evening. There were many great photo opportunities – everyone got a chance to have their photo taken with Santa Claus, and of course there were a few men clamouring to have their photo taken with Santa’s unexpectedly beautiful helpers! Following Santa’s appearance the official inauguration ceremony began. A stage had been set up in front of the St. Stanislaus Church, below which was the audience with 200 chairs – all full with Casa de Campo villa owners and their excited children. The show was phenomenal – the Youth Symphony Orchestra were simply spectacular, they played a wonderful range of Christmas songs and the Soprano Antonia Chabebe sang beautifully. Part of the show was the turning on of the Christmas lights which was officiated by Claudio Silvestri and upon the pressing of the button the great tree came to life – with it’s own music and lights flashing in time to the music! It was a spectacular show that ended with a fireworks display! Alexis Medina gave us this quote about the evening:
It was truly beautiful. The lights are unbelievable (you must go see it), the music was great, and the fireworks were fantastic. Lots of children were there enjoying the show!
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