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The eighth season of the Casa de Campo Polo Challenge has kicked off with a bang. Last weekend, the final of the Sapphire Cup was held, marking the first of three cups in this tournament that will take place at the popular tourist complex’s polo fields.

The teams that competed in the Sapphire Cup were La Potranca, La Romanza, La Carbuccia and Casa de Campo, the latter being the winner.

The Casa de Campo and La Potranca teams faced each other on field number two, causing a game unsuitable for the faint of heart between them, in which Casa de Campo won 7 goals by 6.

The players that made up the Casa de Campo team are Alexander Schad, Leo Matos, Dennys Santana and Alex Schad. While in La Potranca were Tony Rivera, Bijai Singh, Modesto Constanza and Julián Díaz.

It should be noted that the Casa de Campo Polo Challenge will be eight years old in 2023, which has made Casa de Campo Resort and Villas a benchmark for polo practice and competition at a national and Caribbean level. The complex has three properly equipped polo fields managed by a highly professional team, which has motivated more residents and foreigners to become interested in this sport in the country in recent years.

According to Casa de Campo’s polo director, Fernando Arata, more and more polo lovers are coming to Casa de Campo, buying property, bringing their horses, building their own stables and joining the club.

This rapprochement is due to the fact that thanks to the climate that the Dominican Republic has, and the facilities offered by the complex, polo can be played all year round, unlike in other countries.

“At the end of December we grabbed the horses and started playing. Then we continue in January, February, March and April. We rest in May and June, to then continue in July, August, September and even October”.

– Fernando Arata, director de polo de Casa de Campo

In the same way, the vice president of sales and marketing of the Casa de Campo hotel, Jason Kycek, expresses that in Casa de Campo a very competitive and high-level polo is being played, positioning the country as a model in the Caribbean in this sport. .

“We predict that this polo season will be exceptional, since we will continue supporting the Casa de Campo polo club in everything necessary to continue raising the level of the matches, as well as offering facilities for all those who are interested in coming to practice. sport in our facilities”.

– Jason Kycek, vicepresidente de ventas y mercadeo del hotel de Casa de Campo

It is recalled that in the early years of the Polo Challenge, Casa de Campo received the best polo players in the world at its facilities, such as Adolfo Cambiaso, Juan Martín Nero, Pelón Stirling and Milo Fernández Araujo, who left knowledge and technology to continue with the development of this competition.

See more photos of the final taken by Mairobi Herrera on Saturday, February 4, 2023: