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Last week, Casa de Campo proudly celebrated the 30th anniversary of it’s longest running golf tournament – the Casa de Campo Open. The Casa de Campo Open, which was first played in 1981, has for the last 30 years attracted international and local golfers alike to compete on Casa de Campo’s gorgeous Pete Dye designed golf courses; the Teeth of the Dog, the Dye Fore and the Links. And this year the prestigious tournament attracted nearly 300 players from all over the world! This year, the Casa de Campo Open was opened on Wednesday the 14th of September with a cocktail and dinner celebrated under the stars on Minitas beach – click here to find out more and see photos of this event! [Baby sea turtles were found on Minitas Beach in Casa de Campo this week! Click here to read more and see the photos!] Following the inauguration and practice rounds on the Teeth of the Dog on Wednesday, the nearly 300 golfers played in the 3-day tournament from Thursday to Saturday. And for the first time ever in the history of the tournament, golfers played on Casa de Campo’s newly opened Pete Dye designed “9 holes” – which were paired with the Dye Fore and La Romana Country Vlub golf courses to create 2 new golf courses; the Dye Fore Chavon (Back 9 & New 9) and Dye Fore Marina (Dye Fore Front 9 & LRCC 3rd 9), golfers also played on the Teeth of the Dog. The end of the tournament was celebrated in grand style on the 19th hole of the Teeth of the Dog – where a prize-giving ceremony took place accompanied by a delicious dinner and live music and dancing. The following photos were taken during the tournament on the Teeth of the Dog golf course and at the prize-giving event on the Saturday evening, to view photos from the opening dinner and cocktail at Playa Minitas, click here. The following are the results of the tournament – many thanks to Dave Pfisterer, Casa de Campo’s Head Golf Professional, for providing us with the event details as well as the results.

30th Annual Casa de Campo Open September 14-17, 2011

Men’s Class A Gross Division Champion: Alvaro Talavera 96 pts. Runner-up: Bryan Kennedy 93 pts. 3rd Place: Noel Kucich 91 pts. 4th Place: Maurice de L’isle 88 pts. Net Division Champion: Ivan Galban 105 pts. Runner-up: Ivan Galban Marcano 103 pts. 3rd Place: Dave Gober 103 pts. 4th Place: Guillermo Scull 99 pts. 5th Place: Miguel Morreo 98 pts. Men’s Class B  Gross Division Champion: Jose Andres Almanzar 94 pts. Runner-up: Jose Delgado 85 pts. 3rd Place: Luis Guillen 82 pts. 4th Place: Randy Bryant 82 pts. 5th Place: Mario Ormaza 78 pts. 6th Place: Joaquin Castrillo 77 pts. 7th Place: Shine Halman 76 pts. 8th Place: Fernando Ledesma 75 pts. 9th Place: Stanley Palm 75 pts. 10th Place: Harold Hagens 74 pts. 11th Place: Lazaro Martinez 73 pts. Net Division Champion: Jim Largent 119 pts. Runner-up: Francisco Nuñez Acosta 118 pts. 3rd Place: Alfredo Villanueva 112 pts. 4th Place: Charles Vega 110 pts. 5th Place: Carlos Gago 110 pts. 6th Place: Federico Ramirez 109 pts. 7th Place: Michael Ronan 107 pts. 8th Place: Angel Lence 105 pts. 9th Place: Raphael Gilestra, Jr. 103 pts. 10th Place: Dempsey Socks 102 pts. 11th Place: Joel Rivera 102 pts. Men’s Class C  Gross Division Champion: Ronald Hungerford 69 pts. Runner-up: Sebastiano Piana 69 pts. 3rd Place: Trigg Wright 66 pts. 4th Place: Rafael Perez Nieves 61 pts. 5th Place: Eduardo Villalobos 61 pts. 6th Place: Luis Arturo Bermudez 60 pts. 7th Place: Omar Benitez 60 pts. 8th Place: Paul Andres Khazen 59 pts. 9th Place: Juan Medina 57 pts. 10th Place: Ignacio Laviosa 57 pts. 11th Place: Danny Avila 56 pts. Net Division Champion: Jesus Parra 129 pts. Runner-up: Ricardo Tovar 122 pts. 3rd Place: Josue Gomez 112 pts. 4th Place: Jose Raul Colon 111 pts. 5th Place: Sylvain Cote 110 pts. 6th Place: Roland Mahabir 109 pts. 7th Place: Edgar Vasquez 108 pts. 8th Place: William Elder 107 pts. 9th Place: Jorge Salcedo Moya 106 pts. 10th Place: Robert Govaerts 105 pts. 11th Place: Carlos Larrazabal 104 pts. Men’s Class D Gross Division Champion: Fernando Isturiz 54 pts. Runner-up: Edgar Monserratte 48 pts. 3rd Place: Avee Poston 44 pts. 4th Place: Dennis Douglas 44 pts. 5th Place: Jesus Paris 44 pts. Net Division Champion: Gonzalo Moros 124 pts. Runner-up: Joel Salazar 119 pts. 3rd Place: Jose Felix Acosta Guerra 119 pts. 4th Place: Jose Lopez 114 pts. 5th Place: Carlos Marin 112 pts. 6th Place: Victor Da Silva 110 pts. Master Senior Champion :Candido Perez 108 pts. Super Senior Champion: James Wright 118 pts. Senior Champion: Bruce Van Hesteren 123 pts. Ladies’ Class A Gross Division Champion: Chantal Govaerts 77 pts. Net Division Champion: Jewel Rokx 97 pts. Ladies’ Class B Gross Division Champion: Angelique Schoop 56 pts. Net Division Champion: Maya Urreiztieta 103 pts. Runner-up: Amparo de Paris 99 pts. Ladies’ Class C Gross Division Champion: Zully Aponte Varela 51 pts. Runner-up: Juanita Albuja 34 pts. 3rd Place: Mayela de Parra 31 pts. 4th Place: Eyerce Poston 30 pts. Net Division Champion: Mary Ledesma 107 pts. Runner-up: Maria de Leon 103 pts. 3rd Place: Yoleida Vasquez 99 pts. 4th Place: Blanca de Iribar 99 pts. 5th Place: Rosa Vinces 98 pts. Master Senior Champion: Linda Sheviski 76 pts. Super Senior Champion: Monique Dubreuil 107 pts. Senior Champion: Mirna de Wetter 99 pts. Closest to the Pin Teeth of the Dog #5: Jose Lopez Teeth of the Dog #16: Victor Da Silva Dye Fore Chavon #3: Jose Colon Dye Fore Chavon #11: Nigel Nedd Dye Fore Marina #3: Ramon Coto Dye Fore Marina #16: Humberto Cabrera