Example of Blacklight theater.

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Example of Blacklight theater.

The famous Czech ‘Black Light Theatre’ will be performing “Las Aventuras de Fausto” or “The adventures of Fausto” this weekend, on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of March, at the Teatro Nacional in Santo Domingo. The show begins at 8:30pm and promises to thrill viewers with it’s poetic story and magical ‘Black Theatre’ special effects.

The Black Light Theatre is a style of theatre characterized by the use of black curtains, a darkened stage, and ‘black lighting’ (UV light), paired with fluorescent costumes in order to create intricate visual illusions. What is known as the ‘Black Box’ trick is when the actors are dressed in black and so cannot be seen by viewers, thus objects appear to move by ‘magic,’ this trick is not the main attraction of the plays but is combined with dance, mime and acrobatics to create a remarkable spectacle. This form of theatre originated in Asia and can be found in many places around the world. It has become a speciality of Prague, where many theatres use it.

If you decide to go see the Black Light Theatre this weekend, you will be surprised by the possibilities of black effects which cause dancers and objects to levitate, rotate and move in defiance of the rules of gravity!

Ticket Prices:
  • Pit – RD$1,800
  • Stalls – RD$1,500
  • Balcony – RD$1,200 or RD$1,000
Tickets are on sale at the National Theatre Tickets.
Theater box office; 809 687-3191 or 809 541-2929