Altos de Chavon

The beautiful pergolas of Casa de Campo

walking into a pergola in chavon

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pergola in Casa de CampoFinding a place at home when you can enjoy reading, relaxing, sharing a romantic evening, hosting friends – whilst also being at one with nature, may seem like something dreams are made of, but here in Casa de Campo thanks to the intelligent and beautiful design of  pergolas – this is a reality most Casa de Campo villa owners are lucky enough to enjoy every single day.

pergola in altos de chavonThese wonderful structures, which can be wood, metal or even plastic, are widely used across the Dominican Republic, especially, in the gardens and terraces of Casa de Campo. Not only are the beautiful, a place for flowers to flourish, but they also provide shade from the warm Caribbean sun.

“In our country, the Dominican Republic, pergolas are used often -because apart  giving us shade- they protection and shelter”, says interior designer Nina Katherine to

Nina says that this arquitectural element is commonly used in open spaces where you want to create shade or create a transition between an indoor and and outdoor area.

Pergolas may have a “showed structure” – meaning they can be seen through, something which is commonly used in gardens and to provide shelter for outdoor jacuzzis, pools and terraces…

A Casa de Campo villa entrance designed with a pergola 

“Another idea for use pergolas is to keep it enclosed to prevent the passage of excessive light and for privacy. An option that many designers and landscapers recommend is the use of climber plants to give a sense of intimacy and increase the surface of the shade”, she adds.

Trellises are commonly used in the design of pergolas -these are a flat structures created by an open lattice, which support climbing plants.

Climbing plants covering a pergola in Altos de Chavon 
pergola altos de chavon

Pergolas in Casa de Campo

In Casa de Campo there are a variety of pergolas distributed throughout the complex. There are some beautiful ones in Altos de Chavon – just behind Rusticos y Mas as well as in the garden area, in many Casa de Campo villas, at the Casa de Campo Hotel and at the entrance of every apartment building in Los Altos. They are decorated with beautiful climbing plants and flowers.

There can be no doubt that the simple pergola brightens and beautifies the Casa de Campo resort wherever we look!

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