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It has been brought to our attention that since it opened, we have referred to the Beach Club by Le Cirque many times, but have yet to give it a proper review. In fact, there are many restaurants that we will be reviewing in future posts of Casa de Campo Living.

To start with, we should confirm that the “Le Cirque” of the Beach Club by Le Cirque is in fact the world famous Le Cirque from New York, run in partnership by Casa de Campo and the Maccioni family who run Le Cirque in New York, Las Vegas and Mexico City. Make no mistake, the standards are just as high, though the concept tailored to its environment – the exclusive Minitas Beach in Casa de Campo resort.


Transformed from the good, but ordinary, hotel restaurant, “El Pescador”, in 2007, underwent a transformation in its interior / exterior as well as its chef, menus and everything in between. Today it stands out among many fine dining options in Casa de Campo as a place to go for great food, an incredible view (both day and night) and some of the most mouthwatering dishes in town.

For lunch, the menu is what you would expect at a beach club, wood oven pizzas, salads, fish, pasta and even a few sandwiches. Try the mini-burgers – they are spectacular! At night, Chef Alfio Longo kicks it up a notch, with fresh homemade pastas, river shrimps and some of the most delectable deserts in town. Something to really get your mouth watering.

Another feature that sets The Beach Club by Le Cirque apart are its three private Bungalows over looking the ocean. Each one has a small living-room style seating area of having a few drinks before or after a good meal, as well as a dinning area that can seat two to ten or so people – perfect when you and your friends or loved ones need to be the absolute center of the universe. Aside from dining at home, few can enjoy such a combination of service, privacy and relaxation – with a view second to none, and a menu that is truly exquisite.

After his concert, Placido Domingo joined Dr. Claudio Silvestri 
and guests for diner in one of the private bungalows.

The bungalows are really a treat as you can escape from it all, feeling as if you are on your own private beach paradise.  If your willing to skip a day of loosing your balls on the teeth of the dog, you can always enjoy the private beach area, your private view and your private waiter.

The Beach Club exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated elegance, though if for some reason you absolutely positively must enjoy food from Le Cirque in the comfort of your own home – worry not, they also do catering, though you must supply the ambiance.

In short, there is just so much to love about the Beach Club by Le Cirque, which is why we understand that it is constantly busy – its because its constantly delicious and absolutly faboulous.