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casa de campo

On Monday July 8th the Altos de Chavón Archaeological Museum summer camp “Archaeology, Exploration and Adventure” started successfully. This summer camp focuses on learning through doing.

During the camp –which is taking place in and around the Altos de Chavón Archaeological Museum until July 18– 18 children are exploring themes of pre-Columbian archeology and art, with dynamic games and workshops that lead to exploration, communication and social interaction amongst the children.

If you wish your kid enter to this this camp, this is your chance – enroll them now, there are still 2 places available!

The following are images of the adventures in the summer camp “Archaeology, Exploration and Adventure” 2013:

Welcome: In the beginning each child received their own helmet and were “kitted out” as an archaeologist! Leaders also received a scarf with a picture of a Solenodon, which serves as the inspiration for this year’s camp. The shrew-like Hispaniolan Solenodon, the Dominican Republic’s only venomous animal, which has a long snout and specialised teeth, is also thought to live along the river shore.

campamento arqueologico altos de chavon

Adventure: The 18 campers put up a tent in the gardens around Altos de Chavón.

Learning and doing: The little ones listened carefully to how an archaeologist does his fieldwork and then they each chose their own artefact to have a go themselves.

Workshop: The children created their own “potizas” (indigenous artworks made in mud).

Interaction: Divided into two groups the campers created a different story from the same topic.

Legacy: At the end of every day the camp “leaders” prints their hands on a stone representation proudly displayed in the special “discovery” room, at the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archaeology.

“Arqueología, Exploración y Aventura”: Summer Camp 

campamento verano chavon museo

This educational and fun camp held in at the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology Archaeological is just one of the options available to little ones in Casa de Campo this summer.

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