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This past Saturday December the 8th 2012, shortly before the grand inauguration of Christmas on the Altos de Chavón plaza, the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology celebrate the “Long Night of the Museum”, organized by the Ministry of Culture, with the well known artist, Thimo Pimentel, who presented an interesting conference “Stealth Art” to a captive Casa de Campo audience.  Altos was on full display that night, celebrating the start of the festive season with the lighting of the Christmas tree, a concert by Juan Pablo Duarte Symphonic Orchestra, a visit from Santa, the opening of Shine “concept store”, an art exhibition at La Cantina and to add to the cultural artistic element of the night a presentation “Stealth Art” by Thimo Pimentel at the Altos de Chavón Museum of Archeology. In a packed museum, filled with local art and culture enthusiasts Thimo Pimentel gave his hour long “charla” where he discussed many topics, including his recent “treasure hunt” in Santo Domingo and briefed everyone one to be held in Altos de Chavón following the presentation. Pimentel also proudly presented his innovate art which included performance, ceramics, graffiti, clay, spinning wheel, photography, use of GPS, clay graphics and hidden video. Pimentel hosted the first “Treasure Hunt” in Santo Domingo with the idea of not only educating the country about culture but also getting people involved in an active way. With more than 40 decorated cylinders hidden around Santo Domingo, Pimentel used social media and television to motivate the Santo Domingo community to take part. Inside the cylinders where “secret notes” – instructing the new owners of the cylinders to attend an exhibition on 12/12/12 in the Centro de la Imagen in the Colonial Zone, where all the cylinders would be showcased. Following his presentation on Saturday evening in the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology, attendees were invited to take part in a similar Treasure Hunt around Altos de Chavón. 3 decorated ceramic cylinders, signed by Pimentel were hidden in Altos de Chavón – and had participants running across the cobbles in search of their treasure! Congratulations to the “winners” of the Altos de Chavón Treasure Hunt: • Jackie Arvelo and Eduardo Hana, who found their cylinder in the nativity display on the main plaza. • Miguel Asjana y Dulcina, students of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design, who found their cylinder in the fountain. • Sofia Ines Martinez with her sister Isabelle Martinez, who found their cylinder after a very long (2 hour) search near to the ceramics workshop.

The “winners” with their ceramic cylinders 

The following photos were taken on Saturday evening at the “Stealth Art” presentation by Thimo Pimentel at the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology: 

And more is still to come! As we have come to expect, this holiday season in Altos de Chavón we will enjoy a packed scheduled of festive events and activities, please visit: for the full schedule, as well as all other activities taking place across Casa de Campo.