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The Altos de Chavón Gallery will presents the collective exhibition “MESTURA”

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The Altos de Chavón Gallery will present on Wednesday, October 16, the exhibition “MESTURA” by Dominican artists Félix Hernández, George Heinsen, Jonathan Carela, Lizarder Jiménez, Miguel Alcántara, Freddy Guerrero and William Tuesca.

The aforementioned Chavón School of Design graduates bring us a fresh and modern proposal of contemporary art. With this exhibition the Gallery wants to achieve an exchange of artistic experiences, to identify common concerns and to strengthen group creative work through thoughts, practices and joint actions that strengthen our identity and contribute to disseminate and promote contemporary art.

This exhibition consists of 30 pieces and will be open to the public from October 16 to November 11 from Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm and on Sundays and Mondays from 8am to 5pm.


The artists:

Felix Hernandez

In his works he explores the theme of his childhood from his fantasy point of view, using surreal spaces based on dreams and memories, putting imagination to play.

Lizander Jiménez

In his current work he seeks to connect with nature, its operation and its incidence, interpreting how this coexists in its environment, dealing with random themes, which in a certain way are linked (visual nouns).

George Heinsen

His work is more inclined to the three-dimensional as the installation and sculpture, now he explores the abstracts in both 3 and 2 dimensions as part of a process of self-exploration.

Miguel Alcantara

His work seeks to establish a universal connection between human beings, and their environment, taking from them, specific symbols and abstract forms, and combines them through painting and sculpture, establishing a connection between the figurative and the abstract.

Freddy Guerrero

His work plays with themes such as absurdity, humor and demystification of “transcendental” concepts.

William Tuesca

The work of William Tuesca takes as its starting point the exploration of personal curiosities about the Caribbean public sphere.

Jonathan Carela

His artistic proposal discusses issues of national identity and human behavior, which draws on stories, experiences and images “from the street” to explore stories through painting, drawing, acting and the making of authorial cinema.

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