Four Dominican women, mothers, artists, bring us a diverse and exquisite sample of their artistic work. A kind of savoir faire of multiple media, greens, blues, and all colors. The makers of yesterday, the forgers of today and the foundations of tomorrow. The work of each one, different and personal is undoubtedly an intrinsic part of a group that unites them in an invisible but tangible bond: Sisterhood.

The exhibition “One day at a time” will be presented from December 13th to January 28th at the Altos de Chavón Gallery. It consists of a collection of paintings, drawings and installations in a varied medium that includes paper, ceramics and cloth presented by the artists Nicole Dickson, Olivette Santoni, América Olivo and Ónice Mejía, natives and residents of La Romana and graduates of Chavón School of Design, in the career of Fine Arts and Illustration.

Ónice Mejía

Parte de la colección “Atemporal” de Onice Mejia
Parte de la colección “Atemporal” de Onice Mejia

“The work of Ónice Mejía, clearly reflects the maximum values ​​of contemporary figuration that together with a warm expressionism and a great handling of the technique, represents the most significant aspects of the Caribbean.” -Ricardo Ramón Jarne

In this exhibition, Ónice presents us with a new discourse, a new language for her and for everyone. A conceptual garden, an installation designed for amazement and provocation. She has presented 10 individual exhibitions and participated in more than twenty national and international collective exhibitions. In addition to this, she has taught human figure drawing, drawing and composition and painting. Her work is in private collections in Spain, Puerto Rico, USA, France and England, and has received numerous awards, both local and national.

Nicole Dickson

Meditation, and Nicole Dickson’s search for the pure and organic make her work a true object of contemplation, a song to the sublime. Clay, fire and the green of the sage, are the perfect union in balance of her works. Dickson, influenced by the magical vegetation of nature since childhood, her works reflects her upbringing narrating her life from her grandmother’s patio, an oasis amidst the bustle of Santo Domingo.

After studying oil painting at the Academy of Art and Restoration “Spinelli” in Florence in 2001 and graduating from Fashion Design in Altos de Chavón in 2007, she later finds her passion in illustration, drawing and ceramics, which has been concentrated during the last 10 years. Since 2010, she works as store manager and at department of Art and Design at the Altos de Chavón Foundation. “My work is very sensory, very influenced by emotions. I try to find ways to leave my line embodied permanently and in several dimensions, without committing myself to the perfect, just as they are visible to me when I contemplate nature.” – Nicole Dickson

América Olivo

De la colección Skin Deep de America Olivo

“Olivo is forceful and provocative, even embroidering the boundaries of the grotesque, which comes out masterfully by the subtlety of her palette, which often promises monochrome and at other times becomes a feast of colors” -Lenin Paulino Artist / Curator

We can do difficult things, get up, stand…
Nothing belongs to us, only this day that passes…
My vision is to capture moments, capture images, make snapshots
What it means to be alive and enjoy our time on earth.
Always today!

América Olivo lives and works in La Romana, manages different means of expression; paint, textiles, wax, installation, mixed media, digital images among others. She has participated in multiple collective and individual exhibitions. She has been awarded for her individual exhibition of 2013 SKIN DEEP by ADCA / AICA. Her works are part of private collections in the country and abroad. Several of her works are on permanent display in Casa de Campo. She divides her time between her artistic production and teaching artistic and creative expression to children, an activity she does in her home studio. She has at least two exhibitions for 2019.

Olivette Santoni

Parte de la colleción “La Verdadera Yo”
Parte de la colleción “La Verdadera Yo”

“Paintings are what win our favor by virtue of their vigorous plastic warp and their exultant chromaticism; others are admirable thanks to the mastery with which the artist knew how to offer an intimate, personal and unequivocal interpretation of some aspect – perhaps irrelevant or trite – of the external reality; and there is no shortage of those who arouse our enthusiasm because they collect in the conventional space of the canvas a placid and kind imaginary universe, as a result of which its creator emphasized not in the hurtful contrasts of color or in the desperate tearing of the images, but in the sweet caress of a harmony almost musically tempered.” – Leon David.

Olivette Santoni was a woman, mother, wife, artist, poet and businesswoman, who resides in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic. As a painter, she has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions, in various museums and galleries in her home country, as well as in Paris and New York. In 2017 she published “La verdad yo”, which collects texts written over a decade, this is her first book. The vignettes that illustrate it are of her authorship.

Opening cocktail “One day at a time”

Where: The Gallery, Altos de Chavón.

When: Thursday, December 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Contact: 809-523-8470

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Exhibition in effect until January 28, 2019

Information provided by Chavón School of Design