Altos de Chavon

The Altos de Chavón Art Gallery presents the exhibition “Los caminos del Caribe” by the artist and Chavonero Luis A. Muñoz.

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Within the exhibitions of 2019, the Altos de Chavón Gallery located in Altos de Chavón continues to present to the country and the world works and exhibitions of great Dominican and international artists.

On this occasion, from June 13 it will present the exhibition of the plastic artist, sculptor and Dominican painter from the Bahía de Manzanillo, Luis A. Muñoz.

“Several years ago I started an investigation about primitive art, especially from Africa and the Caribbean and I was able to delve into artistic expressions as original and autochthonous as the petroglyphs or rock art of these regions that motivated me to create a bridge between two worlds and two different times,” said the artist.

In his work “Paths of the Caribbean” his fundamental objective is to create an art form that is capable of transmitting the force of nature, sensitizing the viewer with respect to the value and preservation of the environment, dealing with social problems such as emigration, pollution environmental, deforestation, among others.

A total of 30 works are presented by the artist, including paintings, tiles and sculptures using mixed techniques, extra pictorial or recycled materials and clay as an ancestral element.

The exhibition will be open from June 13 to July 15, from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. at 9:00 p.m. and Sunday and Monday from 8:00 p.m. at 5:00 p.m.

About the artist

           Born in the Bahía de Manzanillo. In 1983 he studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago, Dominican Republic. In 1988, he continued his advanced studies in Illustration and Fine Arts at Chavón School of Design, graduating with honors and in 1990 he continued his studies, obtaining the title of Graphic Design and Advertising Art in Chavón The School of Design.

In 1993 he obtained a scholarship from the Organization of American States (OAS) to study “Pre-Columbian Ceramics and Restoration of Archaeological Pieces” in Panama City, then in 1996 he conducted a workshop on “How to paint with low-cost materials and easy access “, in the School of Design of Altos de Chavón. In 2007, he completed a Master’s Degree in “Texture and Glaze of Ceramic Sculpture”, at the School of Ceramics of Moncloa, Madrid.

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