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The Abraham Lincoln School’s art exhibit: photos of all the beautiful art!

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abraham lincoln school art exhibit in altos de chavon

On Wednesday the 2nd of June the Abraham Lincoln School proudly opened it’s annual art exhibit of the pupil’s work at the Altos de Chavon art gallery, in this post I bring you my numerous photos of the childrens very impressive art work!

This art exhibit comprised of work by all the pupil’s in the Abraham Lincoln School from grades 1 through 12 and even the pre-kinder and kinder classes.

There was a special 3D room, where with 3D glasses all the paintings were in 3D – this was amazing, the paintings were so beautiful AND it was so interesting to see them in 3D. According to upper school art teacher, Mr Adams it’s relatively easy to create a 3D effect using color theory, as some colors ‘jump’ out while others go back.

Here are my photos of most of the pieces of art on display:

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