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On Friday, June 22nd, the Abraham Lincoln School celebrated their 36th High School Graduation Ceremony in the Salon Flamboyan in Casa de Campo. The evening started with the 31 graduating students entering with their parents to the music of “Adiemus”, beautifully sung by the school choir followed by the benediction given by Father Víctor García.

The Headmaster, Mr. Harry Magee, gave the students some words of advice. “People will tell you to follow your dreams but, although dreams may be pleasant, they are fleeting, ephemeral and do not become real just because you dreamed them. It is hard work that makes your dreams reality. It is hard work that creates change. The important thing is that you keep moving forward, doing things, grabbing every possible opportunity. Remember there is no such thing as a lost opportunity because someone else will surely take the ones you let pass by.”

The guest speaker, the well-known hotelier, Rafael Blanco, advised the students on how to best cope with life in this rapidly changing world. “You have all had the privilege of studying in a school renowned for its excellence both nationally and regionally and also by completing this first stage of your formation in the middle of a full-blown technological revolution which brings with it a very real and deep change in all forms of human behavior; how we communicate, how we interact with each other, how we organize ourselves and how we produce and distribute the goods and services we need to survive. To cope in this new world, we need to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge and aptitudes- we must be able to assimilate, to be able to understand the new reality of the world in which we are living and to be successful in our lives, regardless of the career or activity we are involved in.”

Dr. Leo Matos, the Chairman of the School Board presented the 31 students with their graduation diplomas whilst Mr. Magee commented on the academic achievement of the students, all of whom have been accepted to universities both here and abroad (9 in the U.S.A., 4 in the U.K, and 2 in Spain). Special recognitions were given to three students: Viktor Rozenko who won first place in the country in the Computer Olympics and has been selected to represent the country in Japan in the World Computer Olympics in September; José Mayans who won first place in the Eastern region and 3rd place in the country in the Math Olympics and achieved the 2nd highest GPA in the class of 3.79; and the valedictorian student for this year was, Roderick Ramírez, who maintained a GPA of 3.81 for the 4 years of High School.

Following the ceremony, the Abraham Lincoln School graduating class of 2018 filed proudly out of the conference hall to the song “Verge” played by the school band and made their first steps as graduates to begin the rest of their lives.

The following photos were taken during the Abraham Lincoln School Graduation 2018 at the Casa de Campo Flamboyan Conference Center:

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Pictures and information courtesy of Abraham Lincoln School

Abraham Lincoln School

The Abraham Lincoln School, located within Central Romana, in the town of La Romana, is a private school for the children of employees of the Central Romana Corporation, but is also attended by other children who pay yearly tuition fees

The Abraham Lincoln School is an “English school” which means that classes are taught to a British standard curriculum and all the teachers are British, with the exception of course of the teachers who teach Spanish, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and PE who are Dominican. This means that the majority of classes are taught in English and children command both English and Spanish.

Although the curriculum is British, grades are awarded according to the American GPA system and the pupils also take the “Dominican National Exams”, allowing pupils to continue their education at universities in the USA or within the Dominican Republic, as well as in Europe.

Classes go from pre-kinder to 12th grade.