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The 4th McDaniel Teaching Pro’s Tournament

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The McDaniel Teaching Pro’s Tournament was held last weekend from Thursday the 12th of March to Sunday the 15th of March. The event which is in it’s 4th year was founded by Rick McDaniel and brings together players from the La Terraza tennis club (LTTC) and the La Romana Country Club (LRCC). This year, thirty enthusiastic and formidable players took part in the four day event which was played at both the La Romana Country Club as well as at the La Terraza Tennis Club.

After two days of exciting matches José Zapata and Francisco Concepción from the La Romana Country Club and Edwin Guerrero and Joan Abreu from the La Terraza Tennis Club, had won enough matches to secure places in the semi-finals, played on Saturday the 14th of March. In a tense afternoon of superb tennis, José Zapata beat Joan Abreu 6-4, 6-4 and Francisco Concepción defeated Edwin Guerrero 6-4, 5-7, 6-4.

The final was played at the La Romana Country Club on Sunday the 15th of March at 4pm, when Francisco Concepción beat José Zapata 6-4, 3-6, 6-0. Making Francisco Concepción the tournament winner for the 3rd year in a row! Congratulations Francisco!

The prize-giving ceremony was held after the final where the proud winners were awarded their trophies, and four ‘boleros’ (ball boys) were chosen to recieve tennis-sponsorship. The four lucky boleros were Esmerlin Malte (La Romana Country Club), Jonathan Benjamín (La Romana Country Club), Willy De Jesús (La Terraza Tennis Club) and Jensy Morla (La Terraza Tennis Club). It was also announced that the four bolero’s chosen for sponsorship at last years tournament Adonis Santana (La Terraza Tennis Club), Jordy Bernaldo (La Terraza Tennis Club) Melkis Padilla (La Romana Country Club), Jefrey Payano (La Romana Country Club), will continue to be sponsored.

The players and sponsors gathered at the La Romana Country club for a celebratory dinner on Sunday evening.


The organisers of the tournament would like to thank the following Casa de Campo villa owners and businesses for contributing their time, money and prizes which helped to make the tournament a success:

The McDaniel family • Ramon Menedez • Gustavo Cisneros • The Silva-Mendoza family • David Gober
Ann Engelhorn • Dru Montagu • Antonio Esteban • Vicenzo Mastolilli • Marchant Moore • Dominic Delaurents
La Romana Country Club • BAP Developments • Herb Abrams • Phyllis Berney • Moreno de Aboran
Jean Dye • Tina Hayward • Pat Magdol • Harry Moscatello • Alan Zelnick • Lian Azqueta • Bryn Cohen
Stan Couldrey • Marty Chattman • Eddie Creed • Tom Duffield • Bill Everett • Louis Gilmore • Teddy Heinsen
Howard Parnes • Guillermo Strofer • Richie Rottkamp • Michael Butter • Jerry Erickson • Bonnie Iselin
Donald Jonas • Eduardo Lima • Harvey Rhein • Nazre Sansur • Enrique Ramos • Alex Rood • Helen Wynn
Ruth Grossman • Bob Lynn • The Marranzini family • Joe Gallaghan

Also supporting Mr. McDaniel with the organization and planning of the tournament was the tennis committee, consisting of Tom Wahl, general manager of the La Romana Country Club, Emilio Vásquez, director of Tennis for Casa de Campo and Adonis Berroa Head Pro of the La Romana Country Club.

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