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CCLSUNSETJAZZInLast Friday night, on November 27th, after Thanksgiving Day, the Casa de Campo community, along with many relatives who extended their holiday visit, gathered at Azimut Café in La Marina to enjoy the live jazz music performance by Masha Gerasimova.

Despite the rain (which has recently attended all of the events at Casa without missing a beat) the party kept going just as planned without any interruption.

Azimut S Line YachtsThe event began at 6:30pm with a friendly, full of life atmosphere in La Marina that in addition to the traditional view of the sunset and surrounding calm waters, boasted the new yachts from the Azimut S Line, the 55S and 62S Italia.

The S Line collection certainly mixes sport with elegance. Its innovative performance materials, such as the carbon fiber structuring and three VOLVO IPS600 D6 engines, provide the line with an attractive, sporty and luxurious experience. The main deck is noteworthy as it features large open spaces to create a fluidity of movement and social conversations between the interior and exterior locations.

Yrene and Xiomara at Sunset Jazz NightFamiliar faces – and not so familiar – joined us at the Azimut Café intrigued by the setup of the site, and decided to stay for an enjoyable evening.

While everyone mingled, Masha played Bossa Nova versions of world famous hits like “Gimme Gimme Gimme” by Abba, and the boys from Azimut Café served cocktails and delicious snacks to those present. We were surprised by sudden rain showers that made everyone dart inside for shelter, but it was in this moment that I got to appreciate the most heartwarming moment of the night: while our singer was not affected by the rain due to some protective trees and a kind umbrella holder, her mother remained outside regardless of the drizzle just to see her daughter perform. And as if this wasn’t enough to hear the amazing voice of the Ukrainian singer echoing through the area, at the end her husband surprised us with an incredible rock and blues repertoire!

Inside of Azimut Café

The evening concluded at around 11pm and, long story short, it was a great night that gave us all the opportunity appreciate the company of friends and family and our many blessings. The charming sunset at the Marina Casa de Campo was accompanied by a pleasant breeze, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, this Sunset Jazz Night was everything we wished for and more.

I’m really looking forward to the next one, and if you missed this past Sunset Jazz Night at Azimut Café, be sure to do yourself a favor and make up for it!