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Tesla launches energy storage technology for homes and businesses in the DR

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The Dominican Republic takes a step forward in energy storage in an intelligent, durable and without polluting effects with the entry into the Dominican market of a new Tesla Energy technology for domestic use and small industries, which is already expanding in more than 27 countries.

Tesla Powerwall, which works with software connected to the internet, was recently presented at the headquarters of Raas Solar, certified partners of Tesla Energy, where the first two units of the product were installed in the country, which will be financed by Banco Popular in the framework of its line of green loans in favor of the environment and sustainability.

The activity was led by Carlos Grullón, president of Raas Solar Elizabeth Manzanillo, executive of the business area of ​​Banco Popular and the Tesla certified team.

The installation of the Tesla battery includes a mobile application that allows the user to monitor the electrical performance emitted by the equipment, also gives the option to control the storage and distribution of energy. In addition, its main component is lithium, which unlike a conventional lead-acid battery, yields 100% of its performance and is a renewable resource.

“From the APP it is possible to make the battery save a percentage of light or disconnect any source of consumption that is not needed at the moment,” said Grullón. He added “this solution can contribute to the competitiveness of small businesses and a better standard of living in homes by optimizing energy use.”

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