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As you may have noticed by now. Last night Telecable Nacional went ahead a reshuffled all of our channels! While this change might have caught most of us by surprise you will notice that this new distribution makes a lot more sense.

Before channels were simply scattered. Over the years as new channels were added it seems that they just took up open slots without thinking about the viewers. Some examples of this were the fact that ESPN was on channel 3, ESPN2 was on channel 60! As well as CNN being on channel 76, Fox News on 67, CNN International on 26 and Headline News on 10.

Well… not anymore! Channels are now set on categorized packages or blocks.

  • tvguide_color0001Local (all Dominican channels ch2-23)
  • Informative (CdC channel, Telecable, TV Guide, Weather ch25-26, 94-95)
  • News (CNN, Fox News… ch27-33)
  • Sports (ESPN, ESPN2, Golf… ch35-39)
  • Cultural (Discovery, Animal Planet National Geographic… ch41-46)
  • Music (MTV, HTV, VH1 ch48-50)
  • Kids (Cartoon Network, Disney, Jetix… ch51-56)
  • Variety (Cosmo, E!, Discovery Home and Health… ch58-64)
  • Religous (EWTN, Enlace ch66-67)
  • International Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, TBS, RAI, DW… ch68-78
  • Movies and TV Series (HBO, Cinemax, CineCanal, Sony, Warner, AXN… ch79-92, 101-104)

For you convenience we have created channel lineups for you to view online or print and keep next to your remote. Please use the links below to download. We have a full color line up for color printers and a gray scale version for black and white printers.


Downloadable Versions

Color (TVGuide_Color.pdf)

Gray Scale (TVGuide_BW.pdf)

*UPDATE* TV Guide online has been updated with the new line up!

Simply go to

click on La Romana Don Rep – TCN Dominica

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