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The second hole on the Teeth of the Dog is to be considered one of the toughest driving holes. The rocky hazard up the entire left hand side makes this hole very visually intimidating, and in addition, it carries one of Pete Dye’s major design signatures- the railroad ties along the left side -not to mention  the green side bunker on the right.

On the positive side, this is a relatively short hole and one you can take advantage of if you play it correctly. However, there are a lot of places you need to avoid hitting your ball into. Follow these tips and avoid starting your round off with a high number.

Tee shot

A good tee ball is critical on this short par 4. The landing area is actually fairly generous, however left and right are places you don’t want to be. If you are a great driver and are confident that you can hit the fairway, tee it high and let the driver fly! If you lack confidence with your driver accuracy, then I would recommend hitting a 3 metal or even a hybrid. By doing so, this will leave you with a bit longer approach to the green, but you will be safe and as a result will most likely have avoided the dreaded double or triple bogey.

Approach to the Green

On your approach, whether you have a wedge or a hybrid in your hands, avoid going long! Obviously we want to aim and hit the center of the green and hope the ball gets close to the hole, but I hate to say it, that doesn’t happen all the time. So if necessary, the place to bail out is short left. This will leave you an uphill chip or short pitch straight up the gut of the green.

Green Complex

Given hole 2 is a fairly short par 4, Mr. Dye decided to trick up this green. There is a noticeable false front that catches many balls that land on the front portion of the green, causing the player to have to chip back onto the green. The center area of the green is pitched up high and falls off four distinctive ways, left, right, front and back left. The back portion of the green and the overall theme of the green is sloped back to front. If you hit your ball over the green to the left, you have left yourself a VERY difficult shot! A way to make this shot a little easier is to use your putter, the course is so well manicured that using a putter through the fringe will not be too difficult.

Green Side Bunker

If you find your ball has come to rest in a green side bunker use these steps to ensure you get out and safely on the green.

  1. Wide stance. We want the club to come to the ball very shallow.
  2. Loose hands. A death grip is a major mistake!
  3. Shift your weight to the left.
  4. Try to hit 2-4 inches behind the ball.
  5. Swing aggressive through impact.

Good luck and if you have any questions email me at or call ext. 3187 to book your lesson today. Remember I offer a 33% discount for Villa Owners!

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