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Golf Tips: Teeth of the Dog, Hole 13 by Eric Lillibridge

Teeth of the Dog, Hole #13 Header

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Teeth of the Dog, Hole #13 HeaderThe 13th hole on the Teeth of the Dog is the only par 3 that is not on the beautiful Caribbean sea, and yet still offers beauty and challenge. When playing the 13th I always joke around with whomever I am playing with saying that this is the easiest par 4 on the course, because when you make a 3 (par) it really feels like a birdie.

This hole immediately intimidates you given the fact that the green is surrounded by one huge bunker, making it an island par 3. Another intimidating factor is that the green is very long and super narrow. It’s certainly a tough hole, but I guarantee that these 4 simple tips will help you play this difficult par 3 much better.

1.) Off the tee

When teeing off on the 13th tee box, especially if you are playing the back 3 sets of tees, remember what the wind was doing on the previous hole. The entire teeing area on the 13th is well sheltered by the high trees on both sides, so it’s difficult to feel any type of breeze.

Teeth of the Dog, Hole #13 Tee

2.) Confident club selection

When selecting your club, choose one that you know you can strike with confidence and assurance that the ball will fly where you want… a very difficult thing to do I know! Since this is a narrow green it is also very important to select a line in which you want to start the ball. If you tend to draw the ball, for example, pick a line that will be on the right side of the green and swing with confidence!

3.) Chip up

So you just missed the green and now you are faced with a difficult uphill chip from the bunker, what do you do? First, you want to select a higher lofted club, either a SW or a Lob. Now the way we set up for this uphill chip is slightly different than a regular rolling chip shot. I want you to set up with the ball in the center of your feet and feel a little weight on your left (forward) foot. As far as the swing, I don’t like to see a lot of hinge with the wrist. This is more of a body swing shot that requires a small turn with the shoulders back, a shift to the left with the lower body, then finally rotate through with the body and arms. Two main keys for a great chip shot is 1) a flat left wrist at impact and 2) finish with your weight on the left (forward) side.

Teeth of the Dog, Hole #13 Bunker

4.) Bunker tip

Here’s a quick checklist to go through when you are in the bunker. Follow this list and I guarantee you will be hitting it better out of greenside bunkers.

  • Wide stance
  • Very loose hands
  • Open clubface
  • Hit 2-4 inches behind the ball

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