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On Saturday, March 23, Teck gave an introduction to the spring season, adorning the establishment with a varied and exquisite art exhibition, by Colombian master Jennaro Gonzalez P. at a private reception to the delight of a busy and select guest list where the attendees could enjoy a cocktail and thematic fusion with the unmistakable vibrant colors, for which the artist is recognized.

Jennaro González P is a painter and sculptor, born in Popayán Colombia in 1937 and living in the Dominican Republic since 1990. He is an art maker in different countries, recognized for his traditional, mythological and historical works and civil works of colonial restoration. Admired for its theme and volume. He has left his pictorial testimony in almost every country he has visited. The last 30 years he has dedicated them to decorate with his work the landscape, the historical richness, Dominican cultural mixing them with the spectacular colors and the vegetal mobility of his splendid trinitarias, as well as fantastic marinas, colorful fish and contemporary art. In its great capacity to renovate, currently presents its collection of furniture called “Sculptural Furniture”, home furnishings with a unique artistic touch made entirely by hand.

Teck is a company dedicated to the import and manufacture of luxury furniture, 18 years in the market, providing Casa de Campo exclusivity and the best quality. They are characterized by being innovative and efficient. They offer a great variety of furniture in mahogany, oak, teak, suar, and other woods for exterior and interior, standing out for their exotic Suar tables of incomparable sizes and shapes.

In Teck you will find from a fantastic dining table for twenty (20) people made with a single sheet of a huge trunk of 17 x 6 feet, in one piece, to a life-size Komodo dragon carved in wood, among other things. They are leaders in the market in exotic wood, and resistant. In teak furniture for gardens (including beach beds) offers 10 years warranty. They also have the best guarantee in the country in synthetic fiber beach beds for their aluminum structure and high quality fiber.

Specialized in the renovation and manufacture of damaged or old furniture, they have a large workshop and highly trained staff at your service to renew, modify and change the color, if desired, of your furniture in poor condition, guaranteeing a change of atmosphere and style in your home.

Teck invites you to explore three (3) ships of 20,000 square feet, a world of unique pieces, combining the exclusivity of their furniture with the originality of the plastic artist Jennaro Gonzalez.

For a guided tour you can call the following numbers: 809-915-4350 / 849-752-3851, including round trip transportation at no additional cost.


Location: Padre Abreu 56, La Romana
Opening Times: 9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm
Tel: (809) 813-3517
Facebook: TECK RD