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Celebrate Dominican tradition with “Colores de Quisqueya” by the Teatro Popular Danzante tonight in the Marina!

Traditional dance Dominican Republic

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Tonight at 8:30pm, the Fundación Teatro Popular Danzante (Funtepod) will perform “Colores de Quisqueya” in the Plaza Portofino as part of the 15th anniversary celebration of the Marina, Casa de Campo. The dance group is dedicated to preserving traditional folk dance and maintaining the essential elements of our country’s social, historical and cultural identity.

For over 35 years, Funtepod has been promoting the songs, rhythms, and dances of the Dominican Republic. As a popular dance school for children, youth and adults, they offer a comprehensive range of dance classes and include areas of focus such as theater, music, painting, and Afro-contemporary dance. Some traditional folk dances we can expect to see this evening may include Congos, Palos, Sarandunga, Comarca, Gagá, Guloya, Carabiné, Mangulina, Priprí and Merengue. Several of these types of dances are not known in modern Dominican society, but represent the history and identity of the Caribbean people.

“Colores de Quisqueya” is organized by Limoncello, and also brings together the participation of other surrounding establishments in the Marina, including: Peperoni, Pubbelly, La Enoteca and Le Spot by Cinco; all of whom are excited for the performance. Zamira Logrono de Widmann of Le Spot says: “We are all hoping a lot of people will come and enjoy the show. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the culture of the Dominican Republic and the Marina’s 15th anniversary.”

Colores de Quisqueya

“Colores de Quisqueya”

What: Performance by the Teatro Popular Danzante (Funtepod)

When: TONIGHT, August 12th at 8:30 p.m.

Where: Plaza Portofino, Marina, Casa de Campo

For more information about Funtepod, visit their website here!


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