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Teatro de la Comunidad: ‘Ensayo’ (The Rehearsal)

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Last Friday the 3rd of December we held the ‘ensayo’ or rather the dress rehearsal for the Teatro de la Comunidad which was a huge success on following evening, Saturday the 4th of December.

The dress rehearsal was I admit a little less, ok  MUCH less successful than the show itself – we began late, many acts were missing and no-one (including myself) really knew what we were doing! But despite all the problems, the dress rehearsal was, for me a moment of pure joy. It was the moment that the Teatro de la Comunidad finally came together and I was able to enjoy the acts, as well as see and feel how important the show was for all the participants involved – it was the moment I realised all the hard work was worth it!

Dancers from the Centro de Danza Pointé watch the rehearsal and await their turn on the stage!

And so with an audience of thrilled tourists, me giving orders and handling a microphone for the first time in my life – the participants performed their acts, much better and more professionally than I had hoped or imagined for!

A DVD of the complete show, including the photos will be for sale during the Bazaar Navideño on Saturday and Sunday the 18th and 19th of December! Click here to read about the Bazaar Navideño.

Here are my photos taken during the rehearsal – more photos and video of the actual show coming VERY soon!

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