How many times have you had the desire to move on, do something different, or go outside your comfort zone…? We all are scared to take the risk for fear it will be just too difficult to adjust and we’ll lose the “easy” way of living we now have. Well if you need a push and some motivation, we recommend going to one of Tania Báez’s workshops, “Voy por Más”. Last week, she held a conference at Multiplaza La Romana detailing the main principles to ‘go for more’.

After 30 years in television, Tania Báez reinvented herself as a lecturer and creator of empowerment and leadership workshops. She’s previously presented, “Voy Por Más” (“Going for more”) and has also written an autobiography, “The best is yet to come.” She talks about how to use your will power and attitude as tools to move past your adversities and see them as opportunities. Báez is certified in Coaching and Leadership, which are subjects that form the central themes to most of her conferences.

The conference took place in one of the rooms of Caribbean Cinemas at Multiplaza La Romana. Participants were greeted by the staff organizers and given a folder with tools to use during the conference: a chart to write down all your goals depending on different areas of your life, a “new life” contract with ourselves, blank sheets of paper, and a pen.

 At 7 pm, Tania Báez joined us in the room and explained one of the “rules of the game” was not to touch our cell phones and to concentrate on the moment, enjoying the now. If a cellphone were to ring, 500 pesos would need to be paid as a penalty and donated to the local charity, Dominican Rehabilitation Association in La Romana. It was evident that she was very happy to be in La Romana—having been born here and the fact that most of her family members still live here— she talked about growing up in the area and what was memorable to her before introducing the event’s agenda: 7 principles to go for more. With details about her life providing the basis for why she decided to become a transformational speaker, she now inspires others to move forward with their own dreams and do what makes them feel happy and complete.

“I want to invite you to reconnect with that dream, to look for what makes you happy, to laugh again until your head hurts, embrace life again, help you identify all the blessings that you already have and that you have overlooked. This is what we are here for, that is the attitude of going for more. I want to accompany you in this path, because I can identify with each emotion that you experience and that you will be living.”

Everybody listened attentively as she talked in depth about her 7 leadership principles, which can also be heard in the video below:

  1. A change of attitude and mentality – define your goals and outline a plan of action
  2. Get out of your comfort zone
  3. Learn to live with: “no”, criticism, obstacles, and failures. In spite of them all, persist!
  4. Take care of your environment, ‘eliminate’ toxic people
  5. Recognize your value
  6. Invest in your most valuable asset – You!
  7. Take charge of your life

We could see that everybody was ready to start implementing them into their lives and commit to making a change. There is still time to make this year the best year of your life, to make changes for the better. We have 6 months to go out there and do what we love and learn more about ourselves and from our mistakes on our way to living a happier life.

We strongly encourage you to go to one of Tania’s conferences and workshops if you haven’t had a chance to do so; we are certain you’ll leave with a “Voy por más – Going out for more” mentality. Thank you Multiplaza La Romana for organizing a conference with such an inspiring figurehead. We felt challenged by her notes and ready to adopt these principles for success into our daily routines.