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Are you passionate about tennis and looking for opportunities to get out and play?  This Saturday, August 22nd, Casa de Campo will be hosting a friendly Tennis Competition which will be celebrated at the La Terraza Tennis Club. This competition will be a great and fun activity for all levels and ages!

There’s something quite wonderful about getting out on the court and swinging a racquet — participating in a fierce doubles game with friends where you’re mindful of every detail and move — your tennis grip, your stance, following the ball precisely to see if it hits within the lines, constantly being aware of your partner’s position, and aiming your swing to the disadvantage of your opponents. Whether playing singles or doubles, it’s as much a mental game as it is a physical one, challenging your levels of endurance and concentration. For tennis enthusiasts, of any age, it also happens to be quite a phenomenal sport.

This will be a fantastic outdoor event, which will follow Casa de Campo’s strict Casa Cares health & safety protocols, including social distancing, extensive cleaning & disinfectant of all equipment prior to use. 

This is something we are definitely excited to try out this weekend! Tennis is so much fun and a great alternative to staying active and in shape in Casa.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact La Terraza tennis center today and sign up with a doubles partner, a group of friends, or as an individual.

Hope to see you all there!


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  • All guests will have their temperatures taken during registration in the pro shop.
  • Strict hygiene measures such as hand washing, use of masks and antibacterial gel will be required by staff and clients.
  • Bottles of antibacterial gel will be delivered to players upon arrival.
  • All tennis equipment will be washed and disinfected according to internal maintenance and control regulations including rollers, brooms, hoses, wheelbarrows, shovels, doors, etc.
  • A screen is installed at the counter between guests and staff. Guests will be asked to pay for services with credit cards or courtesy cards.
  • Each player must use their own equipment (towel, water, rackets, balls, etc.). The loan of towels and balls will be suspended, and water dispensers will be removed from the courts.
  • If tennis racket rental is required, the grip will be changed prior to use and the racket will be disinfected in the presence of the client.
  • The two-ball throwing machines will be available to practice safely.
  • Posters will be displayed outlining the new rules to follow.
  • All bathrooms and public areas will be cleaned with increased frequency and a permanent attendant will be assigned throughout the day.

Find all Casa Cares Health & Safety Protocols clicking here.