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Susannah Wilson presents “Vulnerability is the New Courage” photographed by Diego Meyreles

Vulnerability new courage
Diego Meyreles

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A much-talked about pop-up exhibition with photographs by the late Diego Meyreles is set for next Thursday, May 25th in Santo Domingo. The exhibition entitled, “Vulnerability is the New Courage” is a collaboration between the well-known photographer with English-dancer and actress, Susannah Wilson. Susannah, who resides in Casa de Campo, approached Diego with the desire to convey transparency through a series of nude portraits.

Diego Meyreles

Diego Meyreles, known for always being ‘behind the lens’.

Susannah met up with Casa de Campo Living to explain that inspiration for the photoshoot stemmed from the fact that today’s media is highly filtered and photoshopped. One can’t simply post an unaltered picture to social media without feeling that the normal photo with natural lighting and expression isn’t up to par. She says, “We filter ourselves just to be a part of the standard norm but that’s not real life.” 

The shoot which took place upon waking has no grooming, no make-up and no setting prep. It’s as natural as possible to the point that Susannah jokes, “You can probably still see the lines on my face from where I slept on the pillow.” With photography by Diego Meyreles, the exhibition seeks to showcase a total-truth of how both photographer and subject felt in the moment, wherein nothing is posed or pretend. A transparent form of communication emerges where the concept is to allow one’s self to be vulnerable.

Working with Diego was an enormous honor for Susannah who feels pleased to put together his first public exhibition. The exhibition which falls on the anniversary of his death — in May of last year — is in memory of him and 50% of photography sales will go to his daughter, Lluvia to continue the cause closest to Diego’s heart, Yo Kontra Las Drogas (“Me against Drugs”). Having been an addict himself and going through a rehabilitation process, he started the initiative in the early 2000s using his experience as a testimony that he related to many schools in hopes of preventing youth from repeating his story.

“Vulnerability is the New Courage” also wants to express a message for women and be a feminine approach to nudity, as Susannah initiated the invitation for being photographed. She wants women to be comfortable in their own skin just as they are. Speaking to the nerves circulating the intimate session, she explains before beginning, she and Diego shared what each wanted to accomplish and that the more you connect with someone, the more you start to feel safe and confident. Often there’s not enough time for that in photoshoots or is it deemed important. Of the respected photographer she says, “He felt just as vulnerable as me and that’s very interesting.”

Vulnerability is the new Courage

What: Pop-up Gallery photography exhibition, “Vulnerability is the New Courage”

Susannah Wilson photographed by Diego Meyreles. R.S.V.P. to attend.

Where: Calle 19 de Marzo #108 in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

When: May 25, 2017

Time: 7:00 p.m.

RSVP: [email protected]

Susannah Wilson

Heartcore HouseSusannah Wilson is a multimedia artist who often uses her body as the medium. Originally a ballet dancer, she trained and danced with the The Royal Ballet winning Freed Dancer of the year Award in 2000. She retrained as an actress and screenwriter working in film and theatre. She is currently building HeartCore House to produce films, web series and other forms of art with the vision of nurturing and empowering artists.

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