Un total de 45

The second medical operative of hand surgery, was successfully performed at the Central Romana Hospital, benefiting, in addition to the first patients of the medical operative, a grand total of 96 people!

For more than a decade, this medical operative has been conducted annually by Dr. Michael Murphy, orthopedic surgeon, who is considered to be the second best hand specialist in the United States. Working alongside a team of Dominican and Americans doctors, Dr. Michael Murphy has changed hundreds of lives over the last 10 years.

Thanks to these annual medical operatives, a total of 96 people have benefited from life-changing surgery, 51 in this first operative, and 45 in this most recent operation.

These medical operatives benefit poor people who otherwise could not afford surgery or the post-surgical follow-up that is also providing free of charge. All of this is done through the Central Romana Hospital, and thanks to the support of the Central Romana Corporation.

The medical professionals performed various interventions, all related to trauma in hands, among them: release of contractures, reconstruction and transposition of nerves and tendons, arthroplasty, osteotomy, and a special case of amputation osteomyelitis.

The local team of doctors was led by Dr. José López Larache, the Health Vice President of Central Romana & Director of the Centro Médico and included Isabel León, Chief of Surgery; Cecilio de la Rosa, Khendall Manon and Ana Sepulveda, surgeons; Petra Rosso, Pedro Julio King and Victor Carvajal, anesthesiologists; and Anibal Altagracia and Rafael Aguasvivas, orthopedists.

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