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Surf v’s Turf: battle of Casa de Campo’s finest golf courses! By Josh Cupp

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As my first high season is now well underway here in Casa de Campo, I want to take a few moments to toss a few observations out there.  Teaming with my lovely new wife, Maite, as the new two-headed Head Golf Professional, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first handful of weeks getting to know the staff, Casa de Campo residents and resort guests.

More than just a golf professional I am also a bit of a golf course aficionado, so the chance to hit the links for a quick nine after golf office duties is a job benefit here that makes a 401K look like getting half price fries for working the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

h_golf_dyeforeHaving the opportunity to play such fine courses as The Links, Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore, and the front nine at La Romana CC (I have yet to make it to the 10th tee box at LRCC due to a heavy handed barkeep at the 19th hole bar) and the yet to be named new nine holes, it has dawned on me that a good spirited “battle of the best holes at Casa de Campo” might be a fun article to experiment with.  I have spent a good amount of time now playing golf, taking dinners, and consuming adult beverages with locals whose golf IQs measure above the FM dial.  The topic of evaluating the creations of a particular former insurance salesman from Urbana, OH always seems to enter the conversation.

The beauty of this article is that it IS subjective and meant to be fun.  If you polled ten different golfers, you might get ten different opinions.  I get that.  However, I am writing this article and you are, as they say, in my world now.

This article will appear in three more segments.  I will name the eight finalists holes now and in the next edition I will eliminate four holes through careful scrutiny and analysis, then I will widdle it down to two and the final segment will see a champion crowned!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the Elite Eight holes as determined by a washed up golf professional.  (Holes are listed according to their seeding, (1) being the strongest seed and (8) being the weakest seed. The holes will battle each other out match play style.)

Teeth #5 (1) vs. Links #12 (8)

Teeth #15 (2) vs. Dye Fore #10 (7)

New Course #1 (3) vs. Dye Fore #14 (6)

La Romana #1 (4) vs. Teeth #16 (5)

I know, I know…he left out #7 on Teeth, and #17 on Teeth?  Is this guy an idiot?  Answer to both questions is yes, however, I cannot simply feature a battle of Pete’s ocean holes.  I aimed for a little variety and difference in style and topography.  I will include an honorable mention list somewhere along the way as well.

The gauntlet has been dropped and the deliberation will begin.  Feel free to agree or disagree and post comments to your heart’s content.

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