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Surf vs. Turf, Battle of Casa de Campo’s Finest Courses: Teeth #5 vs. Dye Fore #10

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teeth of the dog casa de campo

Casa de Campo’s Head Golf Professional, Josh Cupp continues his ‘Surf vs. Turf: Battle of Casa de Campo’s Finest Golf Courses’ series with a battle between the Teeth of the Dog’s hole number 15 and Dye Fore’s hole number 10.

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Matchup #2Teeth #15 (2) vs. Dye Fore #10 (7)

Teeth #15 touches on a couple of my important themes for golf course architecture. A hole need not be long and near impossible to be impressive, and if you are fortunate to get an amazing plot of land to work with, be thankful and then go build an unforgettable golf hole. Only 374 yards from the tips, we are obviously not dealing with a monster. Into the predominant wind, I still cannot remember ever hitting more than a 9 iron into the green. The views of the ocean are breathtaking at any time of the day, but the views alone do not make this hole extraordinary. Take a few minutes to examine the landing area for the drive. It is spacious, especially for the slight length of the hole. It is as if Pete is saying, get your cameras out, have fun, enjoy, and I won’t bust your chops too much for the next 18 minutes of your lives. The green is large and possesses several sporty quadrants that can host a variety of hole locations, some easy (front left) and some nasty (back right). This hole inspires you from the second you step on the tee. It helps you remember why you play this outrageous game in the first place.
dye fore #10 casa de campoDye Fore #10 is a shorter par five for the mortals, but for the brave folk (some call them foolish) who wander back to the black tees, it is a whopping 610 yards as compared with 500 from the whites. Although it plays into the prevailing wind, when played from the mortal tees, most drives find the down slope of the large hill beyond the “volcano bunker” and roll out to the “valley of indecision.” From here folks can ponder whether to give the green a go in two. I LOVE par fives that give you a sporting chance to make a three. The cliffs that lead down to the Altos River provide an amazing view, unless you hit your ball down there, then all beauty is voided and four letter words tend to spring forth. Pete takes care of us here and affords significant room left with only light slaps on the wrist in the form of bunkers for delving too far from the main attraction. The green has moderate undulation and is not overstated.
Teeth #15 defeats Dye Fore #10 by a riveting score of 1 up

Article contributed by Josh Cupp, Casa de Campo’s Head Golf Professional.

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