Fundación Lirio del Valle

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The Fundación Lirio del Valle invites you this Friday, March 24th to partake in picadera, paella, and Spanish sangria on behalf of the children of Villa Caoba. This fundraising initiative, hosted by Inge Demyttenaere, will be held in villa Tornojas no.7 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. and contributes to the education of more than 120 impoverished children. Since 2009, the non-profit organization headed by Casa de Campo community member, Anna Maria Plà Pujal provides schooling and feeding to children from 3-13 years of age living in La Romana.

Anna Maria, originally from Barcelona, sought the support of partners, volunteers, and sponsors in the Dominican Republic and Spain (which includes the association of “Associació Amics de Villa Caoba”) to provide educational and recreational activities for the children of Villa Caoba, one of La Romana’s poorest communities. A small contribution of RD $2,000 or US $50.00 goes a long way to helping the foundation’s efforts, which include:

Lirio del Valle Foundation

  • 120 children enrolled in the Fundación Lirio del Valle program
  • 75 children under the sponsorship program (We need more sponsors!)
  • Coordination of activities, games, and meals for the children
  • Provide clothes and meals to the families of the children
  • Aim to educate them on personal hygiene
  • Teach them to sing, play, and to learn to cope with challenges
  • Teach moral and ethical values (such as sharing, respect toward others, and other social skills)
  • Appointments for de-worming on a frequent basis with volunteer doctors of La Romana
  • Educational workshops for mothers on values and hygiene
  • Volunteers visit every Saturday and assist with meals and activities
  • Coordination of volunteers from Spain

A number of these children have been sponsored by kind donors, who pay between USD $29 and USD $43 a month to provide meals, after-school assistance, and recreational activities as well as school equipment, instruction and uniform, but still more are in need! Friday’s invitation is open to all and looks to your help to contribute to the well-being of the children of Villa Caoba.

When: March 24, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Where: Toronjas #7

Contribution: RD $2,000 or USD $ 50.00

To learn more about Fundacion Lirio del Valle or become a sponsor:


Anna Maria Plà Pujal, Founder: (809) 742-7247

Dolly Esteban: (809) 330-7644

Evangelina Uckert: (809) 523-8015

Inge Demyttenaere: (809) 543-2001

Facebook: Amigos de villa Caoba

* Photos from Amigos de villa Caoba’s Facebook page.