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*UPDATE* Sunset Jazz Night Semana Santa edition

SS Sunset Jazz Night 2016

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Every few months Azimut Cafe treats us to a fantastic Sunset Jazz Night at the Marina Casa de Campo. We had announced its next edition for Thursday March 24th, but as this is the beginning of a very busy Easter Break they have postponed to April 23rd.

Come April, we will all be back in town to enjoy the view of the sunset, listen to live music and taste some fabulous cocktails together at Sunset Jazz Night.

So Save the Date for APRIL 23 for what promises to be another casually elegant evening at the Marina Casa de Campo. To get you looking forward to it, we invite you to browse through past editions of the event below:

Thanksgiving 2015 Sunset Jazz Night


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August 2015 Sunset Jazz Night

Sunset Jazz Night Guests

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Semana Santa 2015 Sunset Jazz Night


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NEXT Sunset Jazz April 2016

Cocktails, live music and sunset!

When: Saturday, April 23th 2016 at 6:00pm

Where: Azimut Cafe, Marina Casa de Campo

More details coming soon!

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