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Sunset Jazz Night at Marina Casa de Campo moved to November 27th

Sunset Jazz Night November

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Sunset Jazz Night NovemberThanksgiving is already one of the most memorable and favorite festivities not only in Casa de Campo, but around the world. We get together with our family members, especially those we haven’t seen in a long time and enjoy a much needed get-together.

And there’s nothing better following a day full of food and fun than enjoying the soft and peaceful jazz music being played at the beautiful Marina in Casa de Campo. Continue to mingle with your relatives, share inside jokes, and recount funny stories that happened throughout the week and Thanksgiving Day. You already know what happens when you mix our community with music and drinks… Good times!

Given how much we all love Sunset Jazz Night, our friends at Azimut are making sure it’s enjoyed by everyone, so they have pushed the date to Friday, November 27th, right after Thanksgiving. Now all our friends and family who come to Casa de Campo for the festivities can share another great moment with us.

Sunset Jazz Night at Azimut Café

When: Friday, November 27th, 6pm – 8pm

Where: Azimut Café, Marina Casa de Campo

Sunset Jazz Night after Thanksgiving

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