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IBI HeaderLast Friday, August 14th, Azimut Café hosted its traditional Sunset Jazz Night in the beautiful Marina Casa de Campo, which served as the platform to announce their partnership with Arcadia Yachts. The Sunset Jazz Night, sponsored by SILGON, CHIVAS and PERRIER-JOUET on this occasion, is always the best opportunity to hang out with friends, sip a glass of champagne or two and to let yourself relax to some soothing jazz music. These three elements make the best combination for a pleasant Friday summer evening to finish the week. And if you add to it the stunning looks of the Marina Casa de Campo and the view of the sun “diving” into the water as its shine bounces on the waves, you’ve got the perfect equation for a really good time, and that’s exactly what the Casa de Campo community had this past Friday, August 14th! The Azimut team welcomed the more than 150 guests among whom were a great number of Italians who took the opportunity to also celebrate their national Ferragosto holiday. Sunset Jazz Night Guests But it got jazzier than that! IBI Yachts used the occasion to celebrate that they are now representing Arcadia yachts; an innovative, “eco-friendly”, Italian shipyard directly from the heart of the mediterranean sea, which they added to their prestigious portfolio not so long ago. The jazz notes were played by professional national musicians belonging to the Santo Domingo National Orchestra. Santo Domingo Orchestra Musicians

Sunset Jazz Night

DSC_0317-L The Sunset Jazz Night, hosted at the Azimut Café in the Marina Casa de Campo is a regular event for the Casa de Campo community organized by Mauro Caslini, President and CEO of IB Nautica, and his daughter, Alice Caslini de Moriconi, Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing at IBI Yachts. But if you missed this edition of the Sunset Jazz Night, don’t worry! The next one is already being planned for Thanksgiving- but we will anounce the date and bring you the details later on. The following photos were taken during the Sunset Jazz Night at La Marina Casa de Campo last Friday, August 14th: