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Sparkling Tips for Casa Ladies: Do your sunglasses match your face?

Sparkling Tips - Sunglasses

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Sparkling Tips - SunglassesHello, dear friends! Here I bring you my tip #5 to help you stand out from the crowd and always look spectacular.

Keeping our focus on the face, and following last week’s tip about how to choose the right earrings according to the shape of your face, as it’s summertime, the season where sunglasses are worn the most- I thought now would be the perfect time to teach you how to choose the perfect style to match your face.

So… do your sunglasses match your face?

As I said last week, knowing what kind of face we have is easy for some, but not that much for others. Stand in front of the mirror, draw your face, and then take a look at this image:

Face Shape Illustration

Basically, the rule for wearing sunglasses the right way, is the same as with the earrings. We need to wear a shape which is the OPPOSITE to the shape of our face.


If your face is olval-shaped, you can wear any kind of sunglasses. There’s no limit for this kind of face!

Gafas para cara ovalada


If you have a round face, the best sunglasses to wear are the wide and rectangular ones. Never try round glasses as the will accentuate the shape of your face, and that’s what you’re trying to avoid.

Gafas para cara redonda


For rectangular faces, what I recommend is to wear round or “cats eye” sunglasses.

Gafas para cara rectangular


If your face has angular features or is square-shaped, you can wear round, oval or catseye sunglasses.

Gafas para cara cuadrada


If your face is triangle-shaped, you can wear oval or butterfly type sunglasses, whether they have designs on top or not.

Gafas para cara triangular


If you have a diamond shaped face I recommend to wear round and pilot sunglasses.

Gafas para cara diamante


If you got a heart-shaped face, you should wear cats eye or round sunglasses.

Gafas para cara corazón

And that’s all. If you put this tip into practice, I’m sure you’ll look spectacular next time you wear sunglasses. So, put them on girls!

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